General Questions - DVCers on first Cruise (Late September)

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by st92jmdc, Jun 16, 2004.

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    May 18, 2004
    Dear Disney Cruise Experts:

    We are going on our first Cruise (4 night) in late September (not sure the exact dates, DW has that info). I have a few questions about the whole thing.

    1.) We are driving down from Philadelphia, I saw in some posts that the port parking was $10 per day. Is this correct, and if so, is there a chance that there will not be enough room for our vehicle (do we need reservations for the vehicle parking)?

    2.) What's the temperature like on the cruise ship for late september / early october?

    3.) What is the Difference between cat 5 and 6 delux staterooms w/ verandah?

    4.) I noticed that the departure time of the ship is @5pm, but people show up as early as 10am to check in. I am assuming that not everyone boards at the same time, so what is there to do between a 10am port arrival and unknown boarding time?

    5.) Money! Do we need extra money for anything on board (besides soverniers and alchohol). What types of tips are acceptable and for what CM's? Is ALL food included, or will we need to pay for things like snacks, special reservations, etc...?

    6.) Restaraunts: Is priority seating needed on the restaraunts or are times preset?

    ANY help would be great.

  2. Lloyd Dobler

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    May 21, 2003
    1) Parking is $10 a day, or was the last I heard. I've never heard of the lot being full. Many, many cruisers take shuttles, towncar service, or rental cars (returned in Port Canaveral) to the port. I'm not aware of there being a reservations system for the parking lot.

    2) Late September/Early October is my favorite time to cruise. The days are still warm (sometimes hot), and still pretty long. It's also a slower season so the ships aren't as crowded and the prices are lower.

    3) The only difference between categories 5 & 6 is the deck they're on. The rooms themselves are identical.

    4) The port terminal opens at around 10:30am. Boarding usually begins at around noon(ish). Once on board, most all of the ships services are up and running. You can grab lunch, hit the pools or hot tubs, have a drink in one of the clubs. You can also make reservations for things such as the spa, Palo (the adults-only alternative restaurant), sign kids up for the kids clubs. There is a lifeboat muster drill at 4:00pm which everyone must attend. The ship physically leaves the pier at around 5:00pm, but the cruise really starts once you're on board.

    5) You don't need cash on board, but there are lots of extras which cost you. It all gets charged to your room account. Most of the food is included in your cruise fare. Some of the snacks for sale outside the theatre are not, but room service and the main snack bars on deck 9 are "free." Palo has a small surcharge. There are tipping guidelines on the DCL website, under the questions and answers section. In addition, drinks are charged a 15% "auto gratuity."

    6) Your everyday dinner times are set. You'll either have main dining (6:00pm) or late dining (8:30pm). This time will be set throughout the trip. You must make Palo reservations once you board. The sooner the better.

    Hope this helps.
  3. TheWog

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    Apr 1, 2004
    1.) $10 dollars is correct. There should be plenty of room. I don't believe they take parking reservations, but I could be wrong. I have also heard you need cash or cc and payment up front, but I have never parked so this could not be totally accurate.

    2.) I would say HOT. We went in January and it was in the 80's, upper 70's on CC.

    3.) The only difference is price and what deck you are on. I would go with the 6. We loved our Cat. 6 midship.

    4.) They start to let you board around 12:00 give or take. People arrive early to get on board first and hit the buffets. Some like to make reservations for the spa and Palo's. They can go quickly on the shorter cruises. The time between arrival and boarding is spent briefly checking in then waiting in line. There is a scale model of the ship, tvs, a lunchenette type place. Not much else. Once on board you can go to lunch, drop off stuff in your room. Explore, get ready for the muster drill and get a drink for the Sail Away Party.

    5.) Tips can be charged to your KTTW card or paid in cash. You will need cash for RS tips. Snacks like candy (movie theatre type) cost money, but most everything else does not. You can only charge it to your account anyway. Palo's is an additional $10.00 per person charge. Spa treatments cost. Float rentals on CC cost, stuff like that. It's all outlined pretty well on DCL's website.

    6.) You should have already made your selection for dinner seating. Early (Main) 6:00 or late 8:30. Palo you must make reservations when you board or check in during the cruise.

    Welcome to the Boards and have a great trip.

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