Garden State Parkway or I-287 ?


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Mar 4, 2003

From I-87 (NY), I-287 seems to be about 30 miles longer than GSP to get to the New Jersey Turnpike. Is there an advantage to I-287 that would compensate for the added mileage ?

We'll be there in the morning of december 26 (sunday).

Thank you!
Absolutely not. 287 just loops around in the Western Suburbs of NJ, and eventually joins the Parkway at exit 127, 2 miles south of the Turnpike exit (though you can access the Turnpike directly from 287, about a mile before the Parkway). If you connect directly to the Parkway from NYS Thruway (I-87) It's approximately 40 miles to the NJ Turnpike, definately MUCH faster and more direct. 287 out around Parsippany can be BRUTAL during rush hour, the Parkway is actually the better road when it comes to traffic.
I agree Totally...As someone who lived in NJ for 23 years, 287 from NY is going the out and about way. The only time that it would make sense for you to take 287 is during the weekends in the summer when the shore traffic on the parkway from NYC traffic is bad. taking 287 would be better. But during the winter time, the parkway direct like jel0511 stated is the best route


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