FW Cabins - Sea World


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Jul 20, 2000
Does anyone know how far Sea World is from the cabins. We are going to take a day and go to Sea World and I am trying to find out how far it is and how long should be allow for travel time. I would really perfer not getting back on I-4 with all the construction thats going on and finding a back way.

Any tips would be appreciated.
It's about 20-25 minutes. I think you can follow 192 to International Drive - but I'm not sure. I'm sure someone else knows the area better than me!

Scott? Do you know a better way to Sea World?

- Rhonda :-)
Camping Board Co-Moderator
Hi we just did that. I am so bad with directions. But I Think you just hop on 4 you stay on it till you see the Sea World exit. It really wasn't bad with the traffic and construction.



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