FRS Radios?


Earning My Ears
Nov 7, 2000
What are these FRS radios that everyone is talking about? I checked out in-touch communications but they seem so expensive Would the FRS ones transmit from the parks back to a disney hotel or just within the park? How long do the batteries last? How much do they cost and where do you get them? Thanks in advance for all the info.
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I was just reading about this myself yesterday - here is the link to another site which I found very informative - check it out. Hope it helps.

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We own the Motorola Talk-About 250 model. They work great around the hotel and within the same park. They do not always work if one of the members of your party is inside a que - such as on Runaway Mine Train in MK. The paperwork says they have about a 2 mile range but when there are a lot of buildings and other things, the range is not quite that big. We have also rented the radio/cell phones from In Touch in Orlando. These work on a cell band and therefore have a range of about 30 miles. We went to the airport to pick up other family members and were still able to stay in touch with our teenagers at the park. If you want the freedom to talk between parks or park/hotel, these are a great way to go. Yes, they are very expensive but with teenagers, we thought it was well worth the price. If you are going to be in the same park and just want to break off to different areas, the FRS (Motorola) type radios will do the job adequately. Hope this helps!
with above post! FRS are only good for UP TO 2 miles, w/o any interference! Cell/radios are best choice for park/hotel/different park radius'! We're renting them for the first time but, compared to FRS, you really must have some other use for the FRS before you buy them! First, you'll need the FRS that goes up to 2 miles then, you'll need the FRS that has the most channels for the easiest connection w/o interference, w/o hearing other people, etc. If it's only a one-time use, re-think In-Touch or, One-Touch (can't remember the name exactly, they deliver to and pick-up from your hotel!)

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We rented them for our Jan 2000 Trip and are going to again March 2002. They are great. We rented 3 for 4 days for about 100.00 (maybe a little more). They worked all the time...great...even from DD to the Poly. The batteries lasted all day being on. We would charge them at night. Oh, we used intouch..
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