Front of the line access


Earning My Ears
Nov 8, 2000
Can anyone out there clear up this question for me. We are staying off site but have multiday passes for 2 park US and IOA for three days. I have read about the front of the line access for multiday pass holders somewhere but can not find it now. Is this true or is the FOTL access only for on site patrons?? And how does this effect us poor slobs who cannot afford to stay on site?? Do we wait for eternity to pass before we get to go on any of the rides??? Would this mean it is not worth while to bother with these parks??? Help soon would be much appreciated as we leave for orlando on Jan 12, 2001.

Thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!! (in advance)
FOTL access is only availible to onsite resort guests. They did have something for multi day ticket holders and I think it was "Universal Express" which allowed front of the line access for 2 or 3 hours every morning. Don't know if it is still going on though. Maybe not and that is why you can't find it now. Anyone else?



Universal Express is FOTL for multiday ticket holders. It runs from 9 am to 11 am daily.


Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards
Universal Express is now being advertised as available the "first two hours the parks are open." During the holiday week, when the parks opened at 8am daily, Express ended at 10am.

The "first two hours" does not include the early-entry days. The time starts when the gates are opened for ALL guests.


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