Friday, June 1/3rd and last Disney Day

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    Jun 3, 2000
    Friday morning DH walked to Guest Services, outside DCA, around 1 hour and 20 minutes before DL was scheduled to open. The mission: Get seating for two for the Fantasmic desert buffet.
    When he arrived, a CM had just taken the last name for the Fantasmic list.:( He figured he was out of the running, but stood in line.
    As he made his way to the counter, I met up with him. He was able to get two seats (back row) for the 10:30 showing.:bounce:
    Afterwards, we went to the bakery right outside DCA (very begining of DTD) and had breakfast. I had quiche. DH ate bacon and eggs. He said their coffee was the best he had while we were on vacation.
    From there we entered DL and rode Pirates, since there was no line at the time.
    By then DCA was open and we went there. I inquired about PS at Guest Services (inside DCA to the left) for Goofy's Kitchen (for dinner). No PS was available between 1 and 7 pm. :eek: We passed.
    Next DH rode CA Screamin again and again. And we rode the Maliboomer and the rides continued. :cool:
    Basically it was a nice leisure day for us going between the two parks and even walking through all the DL resorts. We had already covered everything. This was just a less hectic pace. :D
    We ate corn dogs at Corn Dog Castle. They are LARGE. (And okay -- nothing great.) $4 each.
    At DL we saw Parade of the Stars. A very nice and humorous parade. (Seeing big brawny men with a frilly tou tou over their bib overalls dancing with characters was great!)
    In DCA, we asked a CM the best viewing spot for the Eureka parade. He said the parade started from Hollywood back lots and headed towards Paradise Pier. He said most view it from Paradise, but he thought the best seats were on the route, by Grizzley and It's Tough to be a Bug. So we found a bench (about a half hour before start) and plopped down. He was right. And it is a beautiful and great parade. Much better than Tapestry of Nations.
    We grabbed a somewhat quick burger at the DL Hotel, at their outside counter service. Just okay. Wouldn't eat there again.
    We viewed the first Fantasmic show by arriving (and standing) early -- around 40 minutes before showtime. Needless to say it was soon wall to wall standing, tired people. (We stood by the Columbia ship.)
    We had planned afterwards to sit by Casey's train to view the fireworks. Wrong --- The passage was roped off!
    We headed towards the castle. :rolleyes: Crowds VERY bad. We just found a spot and STOOD some more. There wasn't any moving forward towards anything. It was even more crowded than the Fantasmic standing crowd. Once we were there, we weren't moving in any direction. (Pinned in all sides.)
    Luckily our standing spot was not bad. Many viewers had trees blocking their view. We didn't.
    We really enjoyed the fireworks at MK WDW. We liked them even more at MK @ DL. I loved Tinkerbell's flight at WDW. It is even superior at DL! BIG THUMBS UP!!!
    Tink flies from the Matterhorn into the castle. And rather than fly at the beginning, the DL Tink flight is almost at the end. Tink is ALL lite up. Her wings, body and trail all sparkle!
    From there we made a leisurely pace to The Disney Gallery for our REAL Fantasmic viewing. Surprise, surprise guests can buy items at the Disney Gallery while waiting to be seated. (I bought a Disney Gallery pin --$6.)
    We were not allowed on the balcony until just under a half hour before start time. And then each party was called in separate by a CM. Once that party was settled, then the CM called in the next party.
    There were some people who tried to buy tickets then and there. After we were all seated, a few people (innocently) thought they could just walk in and join us. They were politely refused. I'm sure it happens a lot.
    Besides a few different types of cheesecakes, we had finger deserts and fresh fruit. We were offered alcoholic free mint juleps and coffee. The coffee was good. Not bitter at all.
    The CM's were very nice. The show/view was fabulous. Some of us in the back row did stand for part of it. Very enjoyable. It was amazing what Disney can do with the area they perform Fantasmic in. Even the Columbia becomes a pirate ship with the children, Hook and all. Great show!! We had missed some from watching the first show from the side.
    We returned to the Desert Inn once again very tired, but very pleased.
    Another magical day....... Sigh.......
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    Mar 25, 2000
    What a great Disney day you had. Thanks for posting!
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    Aug 24, 1999
    I enjoyed reading your reports !

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