Free Joy of Cooking CD


New Mama to Baby Jacob!
May 31, 2000
I got a free Joy of Cooking CD (latest edition, of course) from Arm & Hammer for buying 2 different boxes and sending in a certificate with the receipt. I think I paid $2.50 for shipping, or something like that. I got the CD less than 2 weeks after I sent it in.

I'm really enjoying this CD. The only Joy cookbook I have is one of the very early editions, and while it's interesting to read, there are so many recipes I wouldn't even consider because they're either gross or use too much fat and/or salt. This one is much more usable, and having it on CD rather than in a book is only a mild inconvenience. Since that cookbook is normally so expensive, I don't mind at all.
Was the certificate on the box? I would love to get this. I have a pretty old version of it. It is a great tool. Thanks for the info!
Yes, the certificate was on the box. You only have to fill out one, even though you'll have one on each box.


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