Free $100+ Box seats at Hollywood Bowl - Placido Domingo ~ June 21!

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    Feb 23, 2005

    For those who live in or near LOS ANGELES (lurking or otherwise)
    Who can also get the morning free tomorrow...

    Tomorrow (thurs) the first public rehersal of the summer for the LA Philharmoic will take place at the Hollywood Bowl. This session is naturally the rehersal for the GALA OPENING NITE show this Friday featuring world renown tenor Plácido Domingo and John Mauceri conducting! It runs from 8-10AM .... possibly running to 12 noon. Seats are free and you can probably sit in the $100+ garden box in GREEN below or $132 POOL CIRCLE in BLUE below seats (or anywhere else in the bowl) which for this nite are probably worth $500-$1000 a seat PLUS through a scalper. ON EbAY TERRACE BOX SEATS have SOLD for $350. SO - pack a breakfast brunch basket to dine in your FREE box seats?

    HOWEVER, I'm going NORTH out of town at 8AM so I'm gonna have to miss this one. Ya figure you'll see Plácido belt out some tunes in the morning? Only way to find out is to go... that is if you're in the LA area...


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