FOTL is Still Unlimited


Earning My Ears
Aug 30, 2000
I have called 5 different res agents and all have said that the new Express system was going to have the On-Site Guests limited to one ride on each per day, but they opted to keep things the way they were. Sorry if this is old news. But all 5 confirmed UNLIMITED FOTL for my trip this October.
FOTL was still unlimited a few days ago. I've heard they may put machines in to scan your room key, but I don't see how since space is kind of tight in the Universal Express line.


Barry Hom
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Yup! FOTL access is still unlimited for on-site hotel guests.

The plan is, eventually, to install card readers at the entrances to the Express line. For those of you who have used the Express lines already, these will typically be located near the entrance of the line, where an employee is already stationed checking dates and times on those Express passes and room keys.

At this point, though, the focus is getting the kiosk programming complete and more appropriate for business/crowd conditions at each of the attractions. Once this is complete, the card scanners will most likely be installed.

Still don't know yet about the unlimited or once per day thing. I know the advertising already is appearing with "once per day" in the small print - but it's still up in the air


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