FOTL Access for Nickelodeon Tapings


Earning My Ears
Jan 9, 2002
Does the front of line access for staying at HRH apply to Nickelodeon tapings (such as Slimetime Live) as well as to the rides? If so, do you need to sign up early, and if so, how? Or do you just need to show up at Nickelodeon, and if so, where for FOTL?
Nope, no front of the line for Slime Time. It's first come first served.
The normal routine is you line up for tickets that are given out around noon. During buisy times the line usually starts when the park opens. Tickets are only given to those in line. No extra tickets are given out. No children under 5 are allowed to a taping. Any clothing with logos, advertising etc must be removed, turned around or covered up. When you get a ticket it will be for a certain time (each seating is 30 min I believe) and you are suppose to line up 30 min before the segment starts.

In slow times like now I have read here that they are going through the parks handing out the tickets because there are not enough people in line. Usually those with tickets are not picked to participate in the show. Those people are pick from the park or from the line while waiting for the ticktes.

It just has never seemed wroth it to spend so much time to get to sit in on a taping. If I had realized how slow it was when we wer there last month I might have tried to get tickets.


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