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Earning My Ears
Sep 2, 2019
Hi - I was a Disney Store cast member in the 90's. Our store won several national sales events. One event was the Pocahontas movie presale contest. For this, we all received jackets. Can anyone tell me where to look to see if there is any value with things like this? Our store was awesome - I have a few items that I've kept in storage. The jacket has never been worn. I'm trying to figure out how to insert photos that I have (on my computer - that I just took for this post), but that doesn't seem to be an option?



DIS Veteran
Jan 18, 2009
You need to have 10 posts befor you can post a photo.

As for value, have you looked at completed listing on Ebay? That should give you a better feel for what things a actually sellong for :3dglasses


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