Food to bring from home - be CREATIVE!!!


Feb 13, 2000
We always pack one hard case suitcase full of food. But usualy what we bring gets 'boring'. Any ideas that are not so ordinary???

This year I am bringing:

Caned Smoked Oysters and Ritz crackers
Campbell's Select Soup
(and I better not forget the can opener! LOL)

I like to bring what I can from home, just that much less to get in an unfamiliar store when we arrive. And these days there are so many new things to pick from. Please help me add to this list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
will you have a kitchen where you are staying?
Microwave? Are you bringing kids?

The cereal already in the bowls. (just tear the paper off of them and pour your milk in)
peanutbutter crackers (my favorite), peanutbutter, jelly in the individually packaged thingies from the restaraunts, bread, cereal bars or granola bars, m&m crispy's (or any other m&m's LOL), raman noodles and use the hot water at the food court, beef jerkey. That's just a start of things that we have taken with us. Or, what I am hungry for at the moment. Hopefully that gets the ball rolling for you. :)
I am staying at ASsp. I can use the microwave in the foodcourt. But I am not asking just for me. I am looking for some 'different' ideas. Like the Smoked Oysters, me and my DH enjoy them. Im sure others hate them. But lets try to be 'creative' and think of some different things, weather they appeal to me/you or not. It may give others ideas they had not considered.

Anyone else???? I guess one more I can think of is those packages of tuna and crackers that come with a package of mayo and relish. I myself dont care for tuna. But I am sure others do.


I found fruit rollups that have mickey and goofy and others in them. They were at Kroger and meijers. 10 in a pack for 2.49 also got mickey suckers at dollar store. For what? A DOLLAR of course! ;)
If you are lucky enough to have one of the old "hot-pots"..the kind we used in college..they easily held a can of soup..spaghettios..etc..I think that your ideas could be endless.
Also..cans of chunked chicken with the mayo packets would make a nice chicken salad sandwich..
peanut butter & jelly sandwiches...also an idea would be to take along one of the very lightweight sandwich makers...could do everything from sandwiches to desserts on one of those...
although...I for one..would not care to tote most of these "appliances" with me.....
another of our favorites are the the large packs of cheese with breadstix...we too buy these at the dollar dollar.... <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">
We are leaving tomorrow and are taking some goodies for the room. Avoid all the crowds I can. We found these great Dinty Moore microwave dinners that are self contained and do not require any refrigeration. They come in boxes and you just heat and eat. We have taken cans of beef stew, Chow Mein and pasta products before. Oatmeal, corned beef hash etc. for breakfast. We stop near DW to pick up fresh bread, cream cheese, milk and bakery items.. We are just using a small cooler this time as last time we brought more food than we actually ate and did not want to haul too much around. Beer and wine coolers for hubby so he can enjoy them without the $$$$$$. Looking forward to ideas from you all. We are going back in September. Could you all send a bit of cooler weather to DW? Wish we could have been there this week as it was perfect for our Northern bones. (grin)

Tom and Linda

Everytime we go to Disney we take breakfast and lunch. It saves so much money and ends up being a great break from the crowds. Also the things we have done is eat breakfast before we leave, pack a fanny pack/back pack full of lunch items.

Here is a sample of our foods
Hostess doughnuts (powdered travel better but chocolate is good)
Quaker instant oatmeal (maple and brown sugar best tasting, make with hot room water in plastic bowls you bring)
Hostess mini muffins
Individual small cereal boxes (get milk on site and put in plastic bowls you bring from home)
Bakery Danish
Potato chips, Doritos, Fritos (these can be individual size or large bags and bring ziploc bags to to make single servings)
Peanut butter crackers (prepackaged)
Cookies (remember chocolate melts, oreos, chocolate chip, fig newtons, butter, ginger snaps, nutter butter, some of these are also available in single servings)
Poptarts (just eat cold)
Fruit (apples, oranges, grapes and raisins travel best)
Crackers (cheese nips, wheat thins, chicken n biscuit
Peanut butter
Jelly (packets from restuarants, start saving now or squeeze bottle)
Tuna or Chicken in cans (don't forget can opener)
Mayo (packets from restuarants or squeeze bottle and keep in room ice bucket)
Easy Cheese (cheddar best flavor)
Lil Debbie snacks (oatmeal pie, brownie, peanut butter sticks)
Candy (licorice, M&M's, maple nut goodies, starburst, gum)
Nuts (several kinds com in indivual sizes)

Hope this helps!!! ;)
Maybe this is just where we live but we now have Tuna packed in plastic eaze open packages. They are vacumm sealed and require no refrigeration. They are either oil or water packed. We also bring Chips and Salsa. Veggies and individual dressing packs for dipping. I bring a collapsible cooler and ziplock bags and keep them filled with ice. We are only in the hotel for a week so things stay fresh if you make sure the ice is replenished frequently enough.
We will be going down in August and my husband suggested we bring finger foods in the car (as it is a 20 hour drive). Well, lucky me, my husband is a chef. When we were trying to figure out what to bring, we discussed bringing somethings that were different then the norm. His idea was to bring pepperoni bites (he's made these before). They keep very well in a tupperware type container with a lid. Here's what they are:

Pepperoni Bites

Take a can (or two) of premade pizza dough (unless you make your own)
A whole pepperoni stick

cut the pepperoni into 1/2 inch slices and quarter each slice
wrap enough dough around them to cover them and bake as usual (for dough recipe)
cool and place in container with lid

They are great tasting, quick and easy finger food. All three of our kids love them (which is uusual around here).

Hope this helps.


PO-R August 2001 :D
sugar free muffins for breakfast! ;) :cool: <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">
In addition to what everyone else has mentioned, we've brought trailmix and chocolate peanutbutter with graham crackers.
I always buy a Hickory Farms Beefstick (or something similar) and I pre-slice it, have cheese pre-sliced or cubed and a variety of crackers. This is great for travel in the car and for in the room. Beefstick travels well and has enough preservatives that it will last a long time.

On one of our trips we stayed at the Holiday Inn and had a microwave and a refrigerator so I had Netgrocer deliver us a box full of food.

The most interesting I found to be EasyMac. My son fell in love with that stuff during that trip. We got bowls from downstairs and it's made with water. Microwave, stir and it's amazingly good. It was really great for me because I don't eat dinner and it was a great little nighttime thing for my son when I didn't want to eat.

We also brought Vanilla Wafers, the milk that doesn't have to be refrigerated, Pop Tarts, raisins and breakfast bars.

Needless to say we brought more stuff home than we used!


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This is what we're "planning" on doing:

Eat most breakfast in room--poptarts, cereal, oatmeal, cereal bars and FRUIT!
Eat some lunches in room--sandwiches, maybe bringing/shipping sandwhich/G. Foreman grill down. Will get boneless chicken and pork and "stuff" for this.
Will do the "cocktail" hour in our room or by the pool most days! We are going with 2 of my ds and their families and we are going to meet for drinks and snacks sometime in the late afternoon, at the end of our afternoon break. (We are going in July and will need a break from the heat!) I plan on taking some Hidden Valley ranch dip mix and buying the sourcream and stuff in Orlando, like fuits and veggies! We also are going to have our own "adult" beverages.

I am used to doing this, this is what my parents always did and I think my dn's & dn's will be thrilled to eat the "forbidden" snack food when they would be eating dinner at home. We are packing very light and doing laundry so hopefully the load shouldn't be too much. We are staying for 10 days and needed to reduce the food budget! :D
For the car: My kids like sliced turkey from the deli dept, so I roll the slices and put into a ziplock bag in their own small cooler so they can help themselves in the car. They also like string cheese and go-gerts(bought from priceclub).

If you have a fridge and microwave(like in HIFS), you can bring the hotdogs that are individually wrapped and heat them in the microwave. I also was thinking of bringing the mixings for mexican dip, a bar of cream cheese, can of chili and some shreaded cheese. Serve with tortia chips.
Any other ideas???? :cool:

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How about these:

Juice boxes or small cans of juice
Parmalat milk (the new kind in the box)
Small containers of applesauce or mixed fruit
Packets of individual oatmeal
Individual size boxes of cereal
Jar of peanut butter and saltine crackers
Cans or bags of tuna and saltine crackers
Little packets of mayo for the tuna (save from fast food restaurants)
Ramen noodles in the redi-eat cups
Peanuts or mixed nuts
Snack crackers
Snack cakes
Raisins or other dried fruit
Cereal bars or granola bars
Candy bars or energy bars
Chex Mix
Little cups of pudding
Pringles potato chips
Trail mix
Slim Jims or beef jerky

And don't forget some paper plates, foam bowls, and plastic silverware.

Personally, I'm going to use to send some stuff down. There prices aren't bad, and the shipping is very reasonable. They charge on shipping based on cost of order, not the weight. So, if you want to buy bottled water also you wouldn't have to worry about high shipping costs for that
Oops....their, not there. Don't want you guys to think I'm an ignoramus or anything. ;)
I always like to take something different; something that I really like but rarely get at the store when I'm home. Like one year I took little peanut M&M's packets and for a long time everytime I saw or ate one of those little packets I thought of Disney and it made me smile:). I also like to get a pack of Entemenn's donuts in the shops near Disney because we don't get Entemenn's here too often.
I'm just a simple girl, really...:) LOL!
I always make 2 kinds of nut bread (my kids like banana with mini-choc chips which can be either breakfast or dessert/snack) & transport the loaves whole so they don't crumble. A slice of that with individual cereals are breakfast. We also bring picnic lunches to the water parks & a hotpot for tea, hot chocolate etc. We carry a snack in our waistpacks everyday also. Since choc melts my kids have liked the individually wrapped twizzlers, peanut butter crackers, raisins & some kind of granola bar


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