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Discussion in 'Disneyland Trip Reports' started by PrincessAurora, Oct 22, 2001.

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    Oct 26, 1999
    After so many trips to Disneyland, I have gotten in a bit of a rut. I thought Blue Bayou was the bomb until I ate at Club 33 and DisneyWorld. Now I know better. My second fav place was Thunder Mountain BBQ but I found out Saturday that it was closed. At least here you could get fresh cooked food, lots of it and at a reasonable price compared to the frozen stuff at Blue Bayou.

    So with the Thunder option out of the way and Avalon Cove at DCA (the best place I had found) closed, we headed to Downtown Disney for lunch and picked Catal.

    For lunch I had the calamari to start. The breading was delicate and not greasy at all. It had a picate chilli dipping sauce that was nice but at times a tad too spicy. For lunch I had the Ceaser Salad with grilled shrimp added. It has very good. The shrimp were on a skewer and there were four of them. I cut them up so I could mix them with my salad a bit. Our server was pleasent and the dining area had a California fusion flavor with a mediteranian slant to the food.

    We returned for drinks and nibbles later and sat in their outdoor wine/cocktail bar. This time I had Green Apple Martini's (the fest round was great, even if I did have to hurl the cherry into the bushes! The grenadine spoils the taste of the drink). However the second round was not so good. We figured they were running low on Sour Apple pucker and adding too much sweet/sour mixer to compensate. We sent one back and the one we got back was the same, too sweet, like a sweetart.

    The nibbles I had were the escargot. They were a bit pedestrian. The burgandy mushroom sauce was too heavy and overpowering for the snails and the garlic was not roasted enough. There were large pieces and they were still hard. My friend had the yogurt, cucumber dip with pita which she said was OK. We thought the dinner menu looked a bit better.

    My friend said that House of Blues had better food. We did stop by Napa Rose and were disapointed that they were not open for lunch. I hear that their dinners are very good. Maybe next time.
  2. nickglover

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    May 23, 2000
    Just from reading your review, I think you might be disappointed with House of Blues, but pleased with Napa Rose (although it ain't cheap).
  3. kaybird

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    Aug 27, 1999
    Isn't club 33 great! Never had better food in my life, and so attentive.

    Glad to hear Blue Bayou still there,love the abviance, and wouldnt' be Disney without the Monte Cristos, hope they still have them for our next visit!

    Thanks for the reviews,
  4. WebmasterMaryJo

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    Dec 15, 1998
    <font color=navy>Thanks for the reviews, PrincessAurora. I haven't tried House of Blues or Catal yet, though we've enjoyed the other restaurants, including Avalon Cove -t hat was good.
  5. dianedisney

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    Dec 13, 2001
    On my last trip to DLR we dined for lunch at Rainforest Cafe in DTD, not impressed with the food or the prices. Also be sure to ask what credit cards they accept. We were told one thing before we were seated and after we ordered I decided to reconfirm and was told something different luckily we had another kind of credit card to use or we might have been washing some dishes. My review....go visit and check out decor but food not recommended. Now on a good DCA if you want a simple lunch and doesn't cost an arm and a leg we loved Taste Pilots Grill over by Soaring Over California. At DL I really liked Plaza Inn for dinner for the price and the taste. I also loved the Blue Bayou. Both times I ate at River Belle Terrace was disappointed so I avoid it now, love all the little eateries in the New Orleans district. Was not impressed with Award Wieners too pricey. Have not dined at Soap Opera Bistro yet. Will be heading back down in March plan on dining a the old Avalon Cove during there character dinner. Have a Disney Day!!!

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