Food Poisoning at Hoop Dee Do

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Earning My Ears
Feb 4, 2000
I am posting this as a slam to the way Guest Services at DW has handled our claim. 6 hours after attending Hoop Dee Do my entire family became ill. So ill that we all missed the whole next day in the park and were up the whole night expelling the food. I myself missed 2 days at the parks. Disney states, "We are not responsible for your claim. There were no other cases reported and we do not believe it was our food." This was all we ate as this was our 5th day at Disney. They refuse to compensate us in any way. I am very angry with their "we really don't care" attitude. Others complain that there room isn't just right and they are given Conceirge. I can't tell you how disappointed I really am.
I think one of your problems in dealing with WDW is that you probably did not get sick from your meal at Hoop Dee Do. Now, before you get mad at me, let me explain.
I am an Infection Control Nurse and have investigated foodborne outbreaks in the past. Wh en people get sick, they tend to blame the last place they ate. Usually that isn't the place the suspect food was eaten; 6 hours is too quick for most foodborne illnesses to cause symptoms. Even doctors do this; there were many times I had doctors call and tell me their patient got sick form eating at "XX" restaurant because they got sick within a few hours of eating there. It's human nature to think that way and seems logical, but germs do sit in your body and multiply for a while before they make themselves known.
If you were only eating WDW food during the past 5 days, it's likely you picked up something (since your whole family became ill with the same thing at the same time), but it was one to 3 days before you got sick. It's likely no one else did complain of getting sick after eating at Hoop de Do, so WDW looked at your claim and decided nothing happened.
Here's a link to the Center for Disease Control Foodborne Infections Info. Maybe you can narrow down where you did eat the suspect food. Think back to what foods you would have all had in common during the 3 days. I don't know if this would make them listen to you more, but it's worth a try. §

SueM in MN
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I mean no disrespect, as you are not only a moderator, but an expert. I just wanted to share our story. We ate at a fast food "chicken" resteraunt last year. Everyone accept my husband ate the cole slaw. Within 2 hrs. after eating the slaw, we (little ones first) started diahreha first, then vomiting. Our younger girls were mildly sick, while my teenager and I were VERY sick. He ended up in the ER where they gave him Fenergan(sp?) while I was too sick to even go. They brought back enough meds for both of us. Here's the problem, we ALL ate at the house, the same cereal, same lunch. Only DH didn't eat the slaw, we did. We called the resteraunt up, and several others had called about the slaw. I think each person's body is different. We immediatly got sick. There was no dobut in our minds what caused it, nor in the Dr's. I have a feeling this family did get it. Isn't it strange they all got sick the same day, same time? If it were from some place else, did they all eat the same things? At the same time? I appreciate your response, but having been there just last year, I'm real leary of eating dairy products in fast food places now. I also watch potato salads and such at buffets, just scares me now. Just my two cents here.

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I would suggest you read the link to the CDC before getting down on Sue. What she has said is very true. My area before I quit was medical research and what you have been told is fact. You may be very sure that you thik you know what caused your illness but in fact may be wrong. You only traced back to that day.
My daughter's band did get food poisoning and they all were sick not on the trip but the day they returned from a 2 day trip. That is all but the vegetarians in the group including my daughter and the band director's wife. We traced it back to a restaurant in Orlando that they had eaten the first night and to meat loaf. All those who got sick had eaten the meatloaf!

Pooh Bear

I still will go back to the question above then. Why did we ALL get sick and why was it after we all shared the same food. I have food allergies and my body reacts in 5 hours. Why would it not react to bad food?
A virus and an allergy are two very different things. A virus takes some time to invade, where as your body's histamine receptors react quickly to something you are allergic to.

I can't eat any salads that have preservatives on it. I get sick within 1-2 hours. When I get sick when we are out, it is usually that.

Did you and your family eat or drink anything else all day? Sometimes the water down there can make people ill too. Or you all touched the same thing and then touched your face or ate something with the germ on your hand. It is very hard to tell. Like mentioned before....the only way to tell is to leave a poopy sample at the doctor! Some last quite awhile!
I think the answer to your question is that there a many different bugs (bacteria & viruses) that cause cause "food poisoning." Different bugs take different periods of time to make you sick. Some only take a few hours, others take as long as few days.

Are you sure there are no other foods or drinks that you all consumed in the 2-3 days before you got sick?

I guess the point is.......we only ate Disney food for 5 days prior. No, I don't believe we all began vomiting and diarrhea from a virus at the same time. Guest relations was RUDE about the whole thing! Everyone seems to have a different opinion about food illness possibilities. I don't like how it was handled and that is my beef. You will never convince me that it was not food. When you eat something bad, you know it and your body knows it. It was definately Disney food and I am angry that they have a tough luck attitude after it took to days out of our vacation.
On our trip in Nov., we ate at Chef Mickey's and my DH had the fish and got sick the next day. He was the only one who ate the fish and the only one to get sick, we basically ate the same prior to that and I agree when you get sick from food you and your body knows it. Dh called guest services from our room(he actually missed a day of our vacation b/c he was so sick)and they were apologetic and sympathetic to him. They took down all his information, asked him if he needed to see a doctor, and said no one else had reported an illness from eating there, but it they got more phone calls they would notify him, so he would know to get to a doctor immediately. We were satisfied with the way they handled it and weren't looking to get anything out of the phone call but wanted to know if anyone else reported being sick from eating there. I am not in any way saying that Chef Mickey's has bad food, we loved it there and the food was great and we plan on going there on our next trip, I think maybe the fish just didn't agree with him. I don't think that being rude to you was the right way to deal with your complaint, if I were you I wouldn't let this go. Try calling guest services and complain about how you were treated. Good luck ;)
I don't think anyone is saying you didn't get sick from food you ate at WDW.
My point was just that you may have gotten sick from something you ate before your meal at Hoop Dee Do. There are some bacteria that can cause symptoms very quickly. If my first post sounded like I was saying that was impossible, that was not what I intended. I have been involved in some outbreak investigations where large numbers of people became sick hours after eating. One was a wedding where the implicated food was gravy mix that was not made according to the package directions - they used hot, not boiling water to start and didn't cook it long enough.
But, about 50% of foodborne disease symptoms are caused by bacteria or viruses that cause symptoms 15 hours or more after contact. I just meant to point out that sometimes looking at the obvious culprit causes the real culprit to be ignored. No matter what, the CMs should not have treated you rudely and should have been concerned about your complaints. You were doing what you should have done; alerting them to a possible problem and it should have been received as helping them.

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there is another post ehre on the board that two different people posted on about getting sick after eating at the hoop de doo. if I knew how to post the link to it I would.

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I don't think wdw owes you any compensation, since it can't be proven that they were the cause. Maybe you all caught the same stomach bug, and it wasn't the food at all?
The only way to prove it was indeed food poisoning is to have tests done. Otherwise you are just guessing. Also, if Disney didn't get any more complaints, that does indicate that it was not food poisoning. So no, Disney is not responsible, and doesn't owe you anything.

If someone complains their room is not acceptable, then that would indeed be Disney's fault, and compensation would be in order. Your family getting sick is not their responsibility. Now if you can prove it was food poisoning, and they had the same response, that would be unacceptable. Your claiming you just know it was food poisoning does not make it so.
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