Flower & Garden Show still on for May???


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Sep 22, 2000
So with the rumour of No Star War Weekends in May - What about the Flower & Garden Show? Will it be canceled too?
I've been emailing Disney and calling DVC mem services, as we usually do the Food Among the Flowers Brunch. No dates have been set yet. Maybe they couldn't find a sponsor? Who knows? I just wish we could find out one way or the other soon.
The dates I've seen posted are April 20 to June 3, 2002.
When I made my reservations for late May, the confirmation letter listed the events that would be happening while we are there. Flower and Garden was on the list! :)
Could someone post some info or maybe a link to more info on the Flower and Garden Show? We are taking a 2 week trip to WDW 5/25-6/8 and I would like to squeeze in two rounds of golf. How does that relate to the Flower and Garden show? Well, in order for my friend and I to play 2 rounds, our wives will need something they would like to do, AND that they can do with my 3 year old son. (In a few years, I'll take him out on the Links with me, but his game just isn't quite there yet ;) )

The Flower & Garden Show is at Epcot. They have flower garden displays throughout the park. They also have some special entertainment at the American Theatre, usually groups from the 60's (flower children). I'm sure your wives would probably like going there while you play golf. Park admission required.

I WENT LAST Year for the flower and garden event but it didnt seem like a big deal anyone else agee?
I would agree. We've been going each year and last year seemed to be downsized a great deal and just rehashed from previous years. It was a really poor planned event.
Does anybody have any links to information about the Flower & Garden show?

I'd like to pick the most interesting week/weekend I can to attend but Disney doesn't seem to have any interest in committing to the event. I keep getting a run around whenever I e-mail them. And no CM seems to want to refer me elsewhere.
Last years Flower and Garden was as big as ever, with an even bigger and better Kid's Garden. All the other displays were where they were the year before in Future World, including the large stick bugs and beautiful butterflys. Davy Jones even lifted up Tasha and held her for a picture (unfortunately I was not in position to get one (just video) and the guy who did take a photo never sent it to me like he offered. There were no cutbacks that I saw.
I don't go to the gardening workshops, but I DO enjoy the Flower Power groups. In 1999 I heard Davy Jones, and last year saw The Turtles and Mitch Ryder.
Been lurking on this forum for about a year. I love a lot of your insight and opinions.

My dw and I love the Flower & Garden show. Last year (for the first time), we had the Brunch. This was probably our single greatest Disney experience, ever. I will never turn my back on Disney, but they should in no way let this exhibit go. This is one of the things that makes Disney great, and allows for a different experience with every visit.

Save the Flower Show!
The newest Mickey Monitor mentions the Flower and Garden show, so it's not cancelled.
This was posted on themeparks.com:


"The 2002 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is in full bloom with colorful gardens, seminars with horticultural experts, and musical fun through June 2, 2002. Some special events within the festival: the Mother's Day Invitational Flower Show (May 10-12) and Kids Weekend (May 24-27). And guests shouldn't miss the Flower Power concert series featuring memorable acts from the '60s and '70s such as The Turtles, Starship and Arlo Guthrie.

The 2002 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is free with regular Epcot admission."
Just got the Disney Magazine today and it listed the Flower and GardenShow in the April events. So glad it's not cancelled as we will be in WDW Apil21-27!

I hope they include the Kid's Bug Garden again (and I hope it's bigger and better this year).
That was the prime reason we returned to Epcot again and again during the last 2 F&GFs. Tasha's favorite thing to do at WDW is to make friends, and even though the play area was small, it still was a gathering point for kids and she would spend hours in that area, while I relaxed on a bench waiting for the next ladybug release that we could participate in.
Hopefully we get there early enough to catch the butterfly releases as well.

Of course, we'd rather they build a permanent Kid's Pavilion in the World Showcase filled with themed 'equipment', perhaps representing different playing 'habits' around the world. It could also feature a plethora of kids favorite foods from around the world, too!
Does anyone know if there will be any television broadcasts
of the Flower & Garden show? Two years ago HGTV did
a special on it. For me it was a nice change to view instead
of my disney vacation tapes!


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