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Sep 27, 2000
Yet another question about tickets. ;) Our family lives in FL, and MIL offered to buy our tickets with the FL resident discount.... but am I correct in assuming that you would have to show your ID at some point?

She thinks she would just have to show her ID at the ticket booth or wherever she purchased the tickets, and then could give them to us, and still count for the discount since she DID purchase the tickets.

Anyone know? thanks! :) ~Des


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Florida resident tickets are for use only by Florida residents. Each ticket user must show a FL ID when activating the ticket. Disney also reserves the right to require FL picture ID at the admission gates at any time.


I dont know if JK1 is completely true, I am a part time resident who holds an Ohio Drivers License and own a home in Florida where I spend vacations. In order to get my residents pass I must show somthing with my name and a Florida address that ceritified and current ie. Utility Bill, Vaild Checking account with name and address. The pass I buy is the Seasonal Pass which has blackout dates around the Holidays.

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Have you ever been asked for any Photo ID that proves you're a Florida resident?
I'm in a similar position as a part-time resident. I live in the UK but we own a house in Orlando which we use for vacations. Obviously we have utility bills in our name/address so we could use those. But I've always been told you need photo id - and the only photo id I have is my UK passport which doesn't go very far to support my Florida residency.
We have been thinking of gettting Florida ID cards for this reason. Any idea how you go about it?


Gordon is correct. A utility bill with your name and a FL address is accepted by Disney as proof of residency. One of the moderators, I believe Carol, researched and posted Disney's requirements for obtaining FL resident park passes. You might want to do a search on the vacation planning board.

Since Mattndes indicated that his MIL would use her FL ID to get the passes, I took that to mean he has no FL proof of ID and therefore saw no need to go into how part-time FL residents can qualify for FL resident park passes.

athurstance -- to get the FL ids you mentioned, you need to go to one of the FL Motor Vehicle Depts and apply for one.

I researched this subject for the Theme Park Attractions & Strategies Board and here's what I found out last October:

Here the "Official" Policy!!!!
I personally spoke today with a Manager at WDW Ticket Fulfillment Research to get the full story on Florida Resident Passes. They want to make it very clear that Florida Resident Passes are for Florida Residents, not for guests who vacation there who own a Timeshare. Nothing related to timeshare deeds, ownership, etc will be proof of Florida Residency.
Here are the required documents need to present at WDW:

1. A Florida's Drivers LIcense (picture)

2. A State Issue Florida I.D. - usually issued to non-drivers and those underage.

3. A FL Utility bill with guest name and Fl address, along with picture I.D.

4. Voter Registration Card, along with picture I.D.

5. A signed Lease Agreement

6. Check from a personal checking account with guest name and address imprinted by bank.

7. Collge I.D.'s

The bottom line is these discounted FL resident passes are for FL residents benefit only. If you live in Florida, you should have no problem presenting appropriate proof of residency.

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Am I correct in assuming you don't have to have ALL of these.

I may be taking a year long assignment to Florida where I would have the lease. I am not really planning to move much else since I plan to return to Nashville after the year is up. Do you think they would take the lease or do I need to go get the Florida ID. (I am not moving my DL!)

are for residents. You will be required to present a VALID Florida picture ID when entering the parks. I know, I work there!

To obtain a Florida ID, you need to show proof of residency, a deed or lease, and utility bill in your name (spouses can also get one), and one other form of ID, like a voters registration card. Good Luck!
According to the Disney website the following is required:

To purchase a Florida resident pass you must provide any one of the following:
ºFlorida driver’s license
ºFlorida state-issued ID card (must have Florida address)
ºUtility statement with your name and Florida address along with a corresponding picture ID
ºFlorida voter’s registration card with corresponding picture ID
ºA Florida lease agreement in your name
ºA college ID for a Florida college

Based on their website information, if you have any ONE of the above, you qualify. My parents own a home in Florida, they have a utility bill in their name, and they have Florida ID's. These they got at the DMV office. Hope this helps.

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Thanks everyone.
I have a feeling that if I take this temp assignment, I will wind up having to get a Florida ID anyway just to survive! However, since I will be traveling around the state M-F when the DL place is open this could be fun. I wonder if you can go to any Florida DL place to get this ID or if it has to be the one in your county of residence. Hmm....

CarolA, FL has a FL only driver's license which sounds perfect for your situation. You do not have to surrender your other state's dl as the FL dl will be valid for driving only in the state of FL.




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