? FL Tour pricing vs. Disney Bus


Dec 30, 2002
I see pricing on FL Tours website at about $80 to $95 for roundtrips from the airport to the various resorts. How many passengers does this include? Do two people pay the same price as a family of four? It will just be my wife and me, no children.
Also I didn't see pricing advertized for an airport - resort - Port Canaveral - airport loop for those that are staying at the resort for a few days and then taking a cruise but did not purchase the 7 day land/sea package. Does anyone know what the approximate cost is for this and how to book it? How does it compare to the Disney Bus price?
The rate you see on our website both for town car and luxury van is not per-person rather it is per-vehicle.
You may choose, depending on your need or preference a town car which can accommodates four adults comfortably or luxury van that can seat up to ten adults.
Because our service s not a shuttle service that makes frequent stops insead is a non-stop direct to your resorts you will pay the same amount whether you have two or more in your group based on the type vehicle you selected.

If you have anymore questions or wish to know more about our services you can call us at 1-888-832-2111 or visit us at www.fltours.com

Thank you for interest in FL TOURS


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