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    Apr 3, 2006
    Hello everyone. I'm hoping to get some help. I am flying for the first time YHZ to MCO. This is my itinerary: CO873 depart yhz 9:20 arrive EWR 10:31 ;CO492 depart ewr 12:55 arrive MCO 3:38. On the return CO1493 depart MCO 12:55 arrive EWR 3:30; CO872 depart EWR 5:45 arrive YHZ 8:52. I'm hoping someone can give me some sort of walkthrough of what to expect...mainly my changeover in EWR - do I need to get my baggage and take it to the next flight or is this done what point do I go through customs etc...thanks for any help you can give me.
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    Jan 17, 2006
    it has been awile since i have flown through ewr it is a nice modern airport I beleave that you will clear customs in halifax both ways you should it easy in EWR as you have lots of time to make conections and do not have to change termanals if you have any further questions pm me and if I cant answer them I wil ask my DF as he and my DM flew from YHZ through EWR a couple years ago on there way to Hawaii
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    It depends on when you are travelling. After Oct.1 there is scheduled to be US customs pre-clearance. You will clear US customs in Halifax before boarding the plane. When you arrive in Newark you will stay in terminal C and do some shopping and have a little lunch, whatever you want as long as you don't go out through the security gates. Your baggage will be loaded without you doing anything. Fly to Orlando and either pick up your baggage or let Magical Express do it for you if you are staying at WDW onsite.

    If you are travelling before Oct.1 (or if pre-clearance isn't operating yet) you need to fill out the customs form that the airline will give you on the plane and have it and your id ready when you land. Follow the crowd to immigration, you won't be able to go in the wrong direction, and wait to see the immigration agents in one of the booths. Then follow the crowd to baggage claim, retrieve your baggage and pass to the customs agent. There you will give the customs form to the agent and drop your checked baggage on to the belt for it to be loaded on to the plane. You should now follow the directions to security and be ready to show your id and boarding pass and have yourself and your stuff screened. Pass to the correct gate and resume thinking about your visit with the Mouse.

    I flew through Newark last week and so this procedure is current, but it is much easier to hope for pre-clearance in Halifax, especially with short connection times.

    To come home you just check in in Orlando and go through security once there, no need to deal with it in Newark as long as you don't go out the security gate, and clear Canadian customs and immigration in Halifax, which won't be difficult to deal with.

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