Finnegan's for dinner/PS staying at HRH/park hours?


oh bother!
Aug 23, 1999
Hi all, I have several questions...

Does anyone know if Finnegan's Pub in Universal is open for dinner, or what time they stop serving? (We will be there in late April.)

If I am staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, am I eligible for priority seatings as a walk-in only in City Walk, or does it work in the restaurants in the parks and the hotels as well? Are there any exclusions, besides Emeril's?

Finally, could anyone give me a good idea of what the park hours will be from April 24 - 28?

Thanks a lot :) I am getting frantic about our second leg of this trip, it's our first venture in Orlando out of WDW!

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Park hours can be found at


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We ate a mythos, where HRH had failed to make our reservations. The food was great, but anticipating problems with HRH, we made the reservations our selves. When we arrived (EXACTLY ON TIME - a real feat for me) they did not have a table ready. I asked, as an HRH member if we would get priority seating. They said "not really, no." I asked what priority seating was, as HRH told us we got it, and the guy kind of shrugged. In fact, some other people walked up, and were immediately seated. Having reservations and HRH priority, I asked if we had reservations, and are supposed to have priority, how is it they could not have a table for us. The other party of 4, we were of 2. I really did not understand how we got bumped. (Anyone with a single atom of sophistication knows what a reservation is - it is notice so the restaurant can have a table prepared and waiting for you, and a window of time that it is held, before being given to another party, so that when you arrive, you can walk right in and be seated.) Well, after 5 minutes or so, they had a table ready. Dont get me wrong, they were very very nice people, and the food was excellent, a real nice experience. I was annoyed, but I'm telling you so you can go into it understanding what can happen. If they are busy, or dont have seasoned staff on, ... As i said, they were very polite and apologetic, and once we got in, the place was fantastic. So, not that i answered you're question, but we found that they really are just working as fast as they can, and the 'system' seems to 'read' better than it works...
Finnigans is usually open till the park closes so I would check park operating hours for the week you are visiting. This is my favorite place to eat at USF. It has excellent food and a full bar. Irish music is provided by Mike Daly and they feature Irish as well as traditional american dishes. My favorite is the Sheperds Pie. They feature a Happy Hour every day with 1/2 price beer and wine. Don't miss it when you go to USF. It is located in NY across from Kongfrontation.


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