Financially wise, what is the best time of the year to visit WDW?


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Mar 31, 2001
After almost 30 years, me and my wife are going to visit WDW. Since we are going to be on a tight budget, what is the best time of the year to visit the parks to save some money? We don't have any kids so we can be very flexible. I am assuming it is during the Spring and the Fall when the kids are back in school. How about the weather during those times of the year? We would like to stay in the park to complete our experience. Any information would be appreciated for this first time poster. Thanks.
I say september. We have been there the last 2 years and are going again this year at that time. The hotel rates are very low, and there have been no crowds. It is a little humid, but still worth it to go. The longest line we had was about 15 mins! We did get rain every now and again, but usually only last an hour at most, then clear again. hope this helps.



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I would say, normally, the week after Thanksgiving. But if you can afford it now, go now (or at least 1 week after Easter) while the rates are $49 for a All Star. Of course, with the forecast for this years economy, you will probably be able to get the same prices then (it is one of the slowest times of the year) and you will get to see all of the Christmas events.


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January!!!! No crowds and mild temps. But honestly any value season or time when attendance is low is a good time.
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Will hubby ever let us stay anywhere else? :rolleyes:
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You don't say your approximate ages. My thoughts are that since this is your first trip, you may try to cram a lot of activities in the vacation. You have to keep in mind that even through October, early November, it can get really hot in Florida. January, if its like this year, really cold. For your first trip and to try to go doing a slower time, you might want to consider late October through early December, with the exception of Thanksgiving week. As someone posted earlier, the first week after Thanksgiving, the parks are wonderfully decorated for Christmas if that would be of interest to you.
begin of feb is realy nice and not crowded and then 1st week of may is good sep isn't too bad but still on the hot side and oct is my fav but its peak season now so the begin of nov and dec are both nice. the begin of dec is nice because you can go to MVMCP and all the decorations are good too! do you have a preference as to moderate, deluxe, or value? do you want an MK resort or epcot....all this factors into the decision. they have so many upsells right now that you should get a decent might also want to check into renting DVC points and maybe getting a villa at OKW or WLV or BWV! this way you will have a kitchen are to use as well to help save on $$! you might to check on the resorts board as well for ideas on which one to stay at! and check the renting dvc points on the dvc board here as well!

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If your budget permits I'd suggest S/D. Glo's thread and fAQ will give a lot of information on the resorts and disounted rates.
The Boardwalk area has a lot to do for adults.
I would have to say the best time to go to WDW would be the first week of December. The Christmas decorations are beautiful, the crowds are light, and the weather is usually comfortable(this can vary though). The parks close early(6-7p.m.) at this time of year but the crowds are light so you can get more done without waiting in lines. Don't forget to go to Mickeys Very Mery Christmas Party if you go at this time of year. As for a place to stay, it is value season so the rates are lower. If you are a Disney Club member you can get a 20% discount at the moderate, home away from home and deluxe resorts. The value resorts get a 10% discount at this time of year. Hope this helps in your planning. Have Fun! :cool:

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I think the first week after Thanksgiving to the Week before Christmas (11-25 to 12-21, 2001 this year). This is the best time to visit WDW. The weather is great, occasionally brisk; crowds are small, short-lines; park close earlier but, you see so much more with less crowds. The music,decorations and show of the Christmas season are great. Epcot the Santas from around the world telling stories of Christmas in their lands, The Candlelight procession, The tree lighting, Mickey's Merry Christmas Pary, The Characters in Christmas attire, The Christmas Shows. The discounts on room due to value season is very good. However, some of the discounts of late have been very, very good!
I just wanted to say thanks for the mary waring discount address with the money we saved my DH & I can stay another night and enjoy another full day of Disney Magic. Thanks. M :)



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