Finally found the Brita water bottles - boy are they expensive!!


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Jan 3, 2001
a two pack for $20 at Target. I could swear I saw posts about these bottles costing a couple bucks? Is there more than one type. Did I see the "deluxe" models? LOL

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I bought mine at Sam's Club for $1.92 for a two pack. They were so cheap that I bought 4 of the two packs just so I could have the extra filters.
We just bought the Brita filters for water bottles at about $3 each. They only work in a bottle that has a fairly 'high' opening under the spout, but they really made the water in the parks drinkable.

We just bought two large sturdy water bottles and refilled them every morning from spring water we bought at the nearby grocery store (only $1.80 a gallon).


Just bought one at the local supermarket for $6.99. I also had a $2 coupon. I thought it would be bigger. Doesn't seem to hold too much, but it is a pretty good idea to have one on board,especially by the pool, where all that sun and swimming can make a person real thirsty.
During the really hot seasons we find that melting ice refreshes longer.
Someone once posted this little "trick".

Only fill the water bottles at fountains (or faucets) when you are thirsty. Drink as much as you want and then empty the bottle. You will always have fresh cool water, and you don't have to carry around water. This works well for the Britas, too. (Mine was $7.99, btw).

I never would have thought of that myself (I have problems thinking "outside of the box") ...

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Rubbermaid also makes a filtered bottle that is much cheaper. Got ours at Big Lots for $1.99 each.


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