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    The DIS word filter is used primarily to avoid certain words, but there are also some websites included for a variety of other reasons.

    There are a number of sites that have been adversely affected by recent Google requirements and have asked the DIS to remove what they consider to be "unnatural" links to their website. In some cases, these links were placed by SEO companies hired by the sites to boost their traffic but most have been posted by DIS posters honestly trying to help other DIS posters. We have received requests to remove links in posts dating back over 10 years.

    Most of these can be easily done manually since there are only a few links at most from a site to deactivate. Most of these requests are for posts made 6 - 8 years ago.

    In a few cases (including a Cruise insurance site frequently mentioned here), the site has requested that all links to their site be removed. There were so many that it is impractical to individually remove the links - so adding them to our filter (at their request) was our only option.

    To my knowledge, there has been no issue with that site on the DIS but the site has been filtered per their request.

    For future reference - if you do post a link and it is replaced with ****, please do not try to bypass the filter by using spaces or other symbols.
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    Oct 28, 2006
    Thanks, Webmaster Doc. I was wondering about this!

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    Mar 17, 2015
    Interesting, good to know.
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    Apr 11, 2015
    Yes, good to know! Looking forward to the cruise.

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