Fieval's Playland pics


Feb 4, 2001
Does anyone know where I could see pictures of Fieval's Playland, The Curious George play area,Me Ship the Olive and the Jurassic Park "Playground" area? One of my children will probably be to afraid to go on most of the rides but will love these areas.

There seem to be many pictures of the more popular attractions but I haven't come across any of these. I'd love for him to see what he can look forward to. Thanks!
If you order the video, it might get him a little more excited. I'm not sure if they show everything you want but they do show some stuff.

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Thanks, I ordered the video 3 weeks ago and we are leaving in 2 and a half weeks, so I hope it comes in time!
We got our video within about two weeks so I'm sure yours will be there soon! The acting is pretty cheesy, so your little one will probably love it!

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what does the video have on it? i ordered my copy monday. i can't wait for it to come in. does it have good pics of the coasters?

bring the hulk on!
The video shows a little bit of every ride. It's actually quite good and gets you in the mood.

There are more pictures of IOA and USF on themeparks. com for the mom who needed them!

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Thanks Damo, That sight had some great photo's. Both my children LOVE water play area's even more than thrill rides and these look like great fun. I'm suprised Universal doesn't promote these areas more! From the looks of these photos I would think it would be a big draw for people who think there children are too young for Universal. My kids could spend the entire day there!


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