Feel like we're missing something food wise!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by DisneyJoo2008, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. DisneyJoo2008

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    Aug 8, 2007
    Hi all

    We go for 8-nights in 8-days time :cool1: - yay!

    We have these dining plans but I feel like we are missing something... any suggestions as to something else special we could do???

    16 Nov - early dinner at the Plaza before MVMCP
    17 Nov - early breakfast at CRT
    18 Nov - early dinner at Ohana's
    22 Nov - early dinner at Yak & Yeti

    (we are early people!!! :rotfl: )

    I've ordered a special cake for my Mum as a thank-you for taking me on this trip and the current plan is that it will be delivered to our room the night we arrive. Do you think it would be better to get the cake presented during our Ohana / Yak & Yeti dinner? (I asked on the 'cake' thread but nobody replied as to what they thought was the better plan :confused: )

    We have days at Epcot and HS with no food plans, the current plan is to just get CS. I've tried suggesting a few places to Mum but she wasn't that bothered, should I try and book something anyway, just in case (although I appreciate I could be too late in getting an ADR)?

    I've thought about walking over to Beaches & Cream after our Epcot day but the walk might put Mum off! :rotfl:

    I just want to make it a magical trip I am worried we are missing out on a great restaurant / foodie experience!

    Oh, we're staying at AKL, but she's not the slightest bit interested in Boma either!!! :scared1: I'm tempted to book it and go on my own!!!

  2. jimmytammy

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    May 27, 2002
    I would stay with the cake in the room. It will be special, unexpected, and you wont have to lug it around trying to get back to your room. Plus, after a big meal, cake isnt nearly as appreciated:goodvibes

    As for ressies, never been to Yak and Yeti, so cant comment.

    All other choices are good. Since you have 4 extra days, maybe see if you can slip in 50s PTC while at HS. This park seems to lack really good, standout CS.

    Epcot has some wonderful eateries too. Biergarten and Le Cellier are favs of ours.

    But, these are just IMO. Check out the menus and see what suits you and your Mum as there are many places to dine that are great and wonderful experiences.
  3. plutosgirl

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    Jan 28, 2004
    We just got back from a 11 day trip and we ate at a lot of places...

    Our most favorite place to eat out of everywhere was Ragland Road in Downtown....SOOOOO good and the service excellent!!! It was quite a surprise!!

    Le Cellier was a close second. The other meal we always love is Breakfast at Crystal Palace.

    Here is a link to my food reviews...I'm almost done and there are some pictures and more info in there. No matter where you go it's Disney and you will have fun!!!!:thumbsup2

  4. DisneyJoo2008

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    Aug 8, 2007
    Thanks very much! I agree on the cake idea - we will be ready for a light snack after our travelling and I'm sure a piece of cake will do the job just nicely!

    I love the look of 50s PTC, but I hate the idea of being 'told off' for not eating my whole meal and made to wash up! I'd be so embarrassed!!! :rotfl:

    We ate at Le Cellier in July and it was AMAZING!

    Thanks so much! I'll have a look at your dining reviews!!! I thought my Mum might go for CP as she adores Winnie the Pooh. But she's not keen on buffets really and we're both light eaters at breakfast so I think it would be wasted on us - such a shame!

  5. Restaurants Guide

    Restaurants Guide Earning My Ears

    Nov 10, 2008
    Hey very busy routine...why you not taking ice cream..i thought its a good choice..


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