Feeding 15 month old son from buffets / restaurant food at Disney ~ I have concerns.


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Oct 27, 2000
Hi, we are going to WDW next month. It's a huge trip with lots of PS at character meals. Here's the thing. ds will be 15 months old and I am a bit nervous about giving him restaurant food. The closest I've come so far is letting him eat a burger and ice cream at McDonalds. I worry about how the food is prepared, e-coli, cross contamination, do the cooks wash their hands, you get the picture. I am especially concerned with buffets because all sorts of people touch the food. ds eats EVERYTHING we eat at home. His breakfast is cereal and milk, lunch is usually a sandwich, pb&j, cream cheese, tuna ~ stuff like that, he'll eat veggies and fruit during the day, lots of cheerios and what ever we have for dinner, he'll eat. I'm figuring I'll end up making and bringing a lot of peanut butter sandwiches and apple sauce to the restaurants. I'd love your advise! THX

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Don't want to sound like a I am minimizing concerns, but just go for it.....a million 15 month olds including my children and grand children have shared Disney and other buffets and they are all still alive and kicking....I have never seen a post here or a story about this being a problem at Disney.....good luck, ...enjoy......and trust.....
I agree with tednvon. You'll have to let your baby eat out eventually, so why not Disney? He'll be fine :).

I admit that I share some of your fear ... it's hard for me to see watermelon on a buffet and not think about that poor little girl who died from e coli cross contamination from raw beef at a Pondersosa resturant :(. A couple of summers ago two little girls died from e coli in drinking water at a county fair here in Wisconsin. These things happen, but very very rarely. It's almost impossible to protect our children from everything. IMO, it's a waste of energy to worry about every little thing. I would be a wreck if I did :eek:.

-- Robin
My ds was 20 months old on our last trip and eating quite a few regular food. I packed 21 jars of toddler baby food and he wouldn't touch it. He looked at me like I was nuts!!!! (LOL)
I suggest you bring alittle something with you, just to make you feel better. But if your ds is anything like my ds, he's going to want to eat what everyone else is eating. Buffets were the best way to feed my little guy. If he didn't want one thing he could have another. There were so many things to chose from. The only thing I highly recommend is be prepared to bring your own Cheerios. I was told they are unavailable at WDW. Well, I didn't even bother looking because I stopped at Wal-Mart beforehand. I also brought 2 bottles of baby juice. I couldn't be sure if the juice at WDW was pasteurized or not. (Call me slightly paranoid-smile) The only reason I brought PB&J sandwiches were for the childrens lunch. After filling up on the buffet in the morning hubby & I didn't want anything else until dinner. So the children would have the sandwiches for their lunch.
Relax and enjoy! :D :D :D

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Will hubby ever let us stay anywhere else? :rolleyes:

I agree I think it is really quit safe to feed your 15 month old. But I also think it would be great if you pack a little something that you know he likes.
so I just had to reply to you....my older son worked at McDonalds for a few years while he was going through high school...and I heard more than my share of "hamburger" stories from him. I just had to tell you that if you were brave enough to let him eat at McDonalds, then Disney will be a breeze....LOL!! I'm not bashing McDonalds or anything like that, nor trivilizing your concerns for your young son....it just brought back some wonderful memories of talking with him late at night when I picked him up work and wanted to share this with you. BTW, if it fell on the floor, they really did throw it away!!!! thanks



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