February 23 Cruise


Earning My Ears
Feb 14, 2002
Hey all!

I am an 18/m from Michigan and will be on the Magic on Feb. 23... i am just wondering if any of ya'll are going to be hanging out in common grounds, so we can all start chattin now so we kinda know each other... its always more fun the first night if ya know people. :)

This is like my third or fourth Disney Cruise... and my mom and sister always get to bring friends... somehow i get the shaft, but I like to meet people... so if ya are going to be on board, respond on here with a MSN or AIM name... or im me at stang02 on aol.

thanks all!
Hi, Matt!

Did you check the thread "Unofficial check-in for 2/23 Magic" to see the teens we know will be on board so far?

I'm amazed at the long list we have, though I'm sure not everyone on the boards has checked in.

This trip, I'm just traveling with my husband. I don't suppose they'll let two old folks into CG.

Looking forward to 2/23--

I did check that list... and saw that there are some teens listed, but i just wanted to start chattin before the cruise if possible... trying to rememebr everyone's name the first night or two is kinda hard, so it would be nice to talk to some people before, so ya have some people ya know when ya get on board :)

oh, no adults in common grounds - sorry ;-)
forgot to add: I will be on the cruise with:

Mom: 48
Mom's Friend: 43
Sister: 14
Sister's Friend: 14
and me! 18
Matty02, if my DD18 has time before we leave for vacation tomorrow, I'll tell her to post here or e-mail you. She just turned 18 on 2/9. I also have a 17 year old son. They are only 13 months apart and will probably be hanging around common grounds, at least in the beginning to meet people. This will also be their 4th DCL cruise.

We will be on the 2/23 cruise, but are leaving 2/17 to visit some family in Florida first.



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