Feb 2002 HRH Ressies


Sep 15, 1999
When can I book a Feb 2002 room only ressie at HRH? Thanks

I believe reservations can be done 1 year in advance.


Barry Hom
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

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Thanks Barry, I would think a year in advance also, but yesterday when I called they said that they have thru New Years but not into Feb. Could this be correct??
When I called they told me to try back in the late fall. I wish they could get their act together reservations wise. I don't want to wait until two months before I leave to book. I've changed to an offsite hotel. Even our local mom and pop roadside hotels take reservations a year in advance.
Gee, and my husband thinks it's bad I make mine 9 months in advance for both Disney and Us!! I keep telling him you have to if your doing it all yourself and want discounts on rooms etc. But even I wouldn't go over a year. To many things could happen to change our plans! :)
Actually, it's now less than 320 days till this trip next Feb. I already bought our air tickets as this is Presidents Week, which is a super big holiday for New Yorkers to skip out of town. All the flights end up getting booked at regular fares and there's harldy any discount fares. I'd like to set up HRH, as this past Pres Week we really enjoyed the property!


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