Fantasy in the sky & then fantasmic...


Earning My Ears
Jun 21, 2018
Hi all,
A huge thank you for all of your advice, our trip so far has been awesome! Tonight we have a FP for 10:30 fantasmic ( hungry bear to go package). We're hoping to watch the 9:30 fireworks first. Can you please recommend where we should watch the fireworks from ( and what time we need to get there?) . I assume we should go straight to our fantasmic viewing area after? Thanks!


1st pickle of the day!
Apr 11, 2016
Unless something has changed, the "Fantasy in the Sky" show is quite short (like 5 minutes?) and just has fireworks that go off from Toontown - no projections or anything. So, you can just watch from anywhere where you have a good view of the sky in the back of the park!


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