Fantastic experience booking the $99 cruise


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Feb 16, 2001
I booked our 3 day $99 cruise yesterday. We booked the last sailing, December 19 so that my children will only miss 1 day of school and to see the Wonder during the holiday season.

When we cruised this past January, we had a cat-6 and I was expecting to get a cat-6 for our December cruise. The DCL reservationist asked me if we wanted a category 4, 5, 6 or 7. He said that we could have our choice, all for the same price. Of course I picked the cat-4! We didn't receive a room assignment, but we are guaranteed a cat-4.

Total cost for the 4 of us was $515.40.
I am glad to hear that you had such a wonderful experience with booking your fall cruise.

I too however, was told that the stateroom number, room category and the rate for the cruise was not gaurenteed until the voucher was sent in and verified. Even if they did tell you not to send it in, I would, why would they give you a voucher with an address to mail it to if they did not require it. Better safe then sorry, I would send it in ASAP.
I edited my original post as I don't want to cause any confusion to others. I did call DCL and reservationist told me that voucher did indeed have to mailed in.

Thanks for the help.
Can you really request a certain cat.? Okay, I know I posted this somewhere else, but hey, I really need an answer.....We sailed in January in a cat. 11, which makes cat.10, 11, 12 our fall cruise. The cm told me I would be guaranteed at least cat. 11, but made no mention of being able to request 10 if I wanted it....did I miss something? Can I call back to request 10? I'd love a split bath (any extra would be nice):D
all i can say is "wow"....
i'm sure you'll have a fabulous time on the holiday ship...
my sister went on a competing cruise line for Christmas and had a truly spectacular time.....
We didn't request a higher category, they offered it to us. You could call back and see if they'll give you a cat-10. Doesn't hurt to try. Good Luck!
Could I get more details on this $99. 00 cruise? Is this through the Disney Cruise line? Is it only available certain dates? Can I check it out on a website or by phone? Thanks for any info. We booked a cruise last summer for October 2003 and it was no where near that price-WOW!
The $99 cruise promotion was only available for those people who cruised on either the 4-night or 7-night Disney cruises during the month of January. It was an enticement to fill the ships in January by offering a follow-on 3-night cruise in the autumn.


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