Fantasia - Socerer's Apprentice history

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    As many of u may know, the socerer's apprentice is a main part of fantasia.
    But did u know that the socerer's apprentice dates all the way back to the second century? The socerer's apprentice was a tale created by a famous story teller in greece named Lucien. in the 1800's Paul Dukas came across a written story in a library called the sorcerer's apprentice. Paul Dukus was actually a composer and had the socerer's apprentice turned into an opera.
    in the 1900's walt disney got tickets to the hollywood bowl where it was being played. he liked it so mucjh he hired several animators to draw what came to their minds. Thus the animation The socerer's apprentice was born. The socerer's apprentice was the beginning to fantasia, a series of animation featuring animation played and based on serious music.
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    Thanks for the info. I never knew any of that. The SA is my favorite "Mickey". I love to take pictures of the brooms when I visit Disney Hollywood Studios (or whatever it's called now) :) .

    Shannon :smickey:
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    Something new :worship: I learned today about Disney, Thank YOu !

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