Fanny Packs?


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Feb 13, 2001
Where is a good place to find fanny packs? What do they usually cost and is there any particular features that I should be looking for? I'm going to need 4 of them. Thanks in advance.
Everyone has different tastes,ours is "Budget"!! We got ours at Wal-Mart, for $5. They come in different colors and styles. Good luck!! <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

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I would pick the fanny pack in four different colors, one for each person. Each person then becomes responsible for loading up their own pack, with a little assistance from the (adult) others if necessary. ;) I've gotten fanny packs as cheap as $1 at a dollar store, but they were flimsy and not good for water rides.

You can get fanny packs at a variety of price points and sizes. For younger guests, a relatively simple fanny pack for snacks and whatnot would be appropriate--I won't go on about what might go into them (that's for another post). But the adults in the party might want to invest in a bigger verson; they're often carried at outdoor/outfitting shops, etc. The larger ones have enough space for two water bottle, a small guidebook, sunblock, etc., to balance out the size of the smaller fanny packs.

I myself don't use a fanny pack, but a day trip or field bag. Its strap is padded for my shoulder, I can strap it across my body for security on the rides or at night, access to my things is still convenient (plus, it loads a guide book from the top) and its also appropriate for a wider range of sightseeing activities (in black it looks like a casual purse). Mini backpack/purses fashionable with the younger set might work as well. Just some alternatives

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I just bought my DS a new fanny pack today on clearance at Target. It was $3.45 in the camping section and was realy nice, lots of pockets. My son has gone through two "cheap" fanny packs in two years! They also have a colman kids pack that is bigger for kids and looks sturdy but is a little pricey. I aslo noticed Lands End has a very nice one that I intend to buy if mine ever gives out.

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Target had a great fanny pack that I priced just yesterday. It had a large middle section with a front and top zipper and on each side had a water bottle. I'm going to need that with my two little guzzlers in the parks. I thought it was a bit expensive, $20, so I'm going to check Walmart first.


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I found really nice backpacks (with waterbottle holders), and lumbar packs (which is a large fannypack) at Costs were around 15-20. I plan on ordering this week, so I can't tell you for sure that I like them, but you might try taking a look.
My Wal-Mart fanny pack has been to disney four times and will be used for a fifth in May. It's a basic pack with three pockets, one big and two small. Be careful that you don't get a fanny pack so big or complicated that you defeat the purpose of traveling light. We bought one of the water bottle ones last year and returned it instead of using it. Much too bulky and uncomfortable to wear -- would have been a PAIN on rides. Some of these are designed for hiking, not sitting in tight quarters. I much prefer to carry a strap water bottle.

I agree with the last post. Many of those packs with tons of places to stick and hang things becomes very annoying when jumping on and off rides. I found the water bottle bulky especially when they are trying to squeeze your whole party into a seating arrangement. Becareful with the location of your camera. Mine was poking me in my stomache alot and I wound up with a lens shaped bruise after Space mountain.
If you are staying on-site and pay with Am-Ex they will give you a small but nice fanny pack.


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