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Jan 18, 2001
Hi there...

We would like to make a quick trip to Disney in the beginning of June, 2001. AAA has quoted us $1,601 for Dixie Landings for 4 nights and transfers with tickets. Is that the best there is? I understand the VALUE resorts won't hold 5 people. What about off property, including a car rental might be cheaper at all, or about the same?

Any ideas would be appreciated as I really want to take my son before he loses the "make believe" is real, you know what I mean?


Karen (WNY)
First of all you can stay in the value because it is 4 plus 1 in a crib. You are only buying tickets for 3 of you(2 and 11mo. old free). I find if you do it seperately and yourself it is cheaper.
Way to high for room and tickets only!! You can figure out what it would cost right here at this site using the tic prices and resort calculator. June may also have the possiblity of getting a DC rate. I would not recommend off site having an 11 month old only if you need to go SUPER cheap! Another option is to get a quote from Dreams.
This is the way I break it down:

Tickets (for 3 of you - 4 day hopper)
$158 (child)
2 x $198 (adults)

Room for 4 nights
All Stars $396
Dixie Landings $596 (These prices do not include tax of 11% and are according to Our Laughing Place)

So for Dixie Landings for 4 nights and tickets that should be $1150.

Hope this helps. If anyone disagrees, let me know.


CBR Jan 2000
Next Trip Jan 2002 Where to stay?

Hi! You should have no problem fitting at All Stars with little ones. We have 4 kids and decided to rent a house ($700/week)to save on meal costs and have space. I did all my reservations seperately. I guess what you have to ask is whether you are planning to be at the parks everyday? We are doing a 4 day hopper but have 8 days to work it in since we aren't sure about how much "park time" our 2 year old can handle. I think the $1600 sounds high too. Enjoy planning! It's half the fun!
We have traveled to Disney several times with small children. We have a 5 and 2 year old and a baby due in Feb. We just spend 2 weeks down there in Oct. My suggestion is to check into one of the Vacation Clubs. You can do this through the 800 number or rent points on this board. We get a 1 bedroom and put the two older children on the living pull out bed and maybe even the baby in the crib in the living room. This way you have a separate bedroom with a king bed and you as parents can stay up and watch TV. At nap times we put them in the bedroom and we relaxed in the living room or out on the patio. The bigest plus is all the villas have a full kitchen and washer and dryer. Our trips are more enjoyable and cheaper because we eat most of our meals in. The condo's are more expensive, but worth the money when the family is happy.
Have you looked into Holiday Inn Family Suites? We were just there with an 11 y/o, 3-1/2 y/o and 1-1/2 y/o and it was perfect! It's close enough to drive back for a midday break, the kids have their own room, as do the adults. There are lot of posts re: HIFS on the Orlando board.

Or, if you're going to stay on-site, consider getting the room and tickets separate -- especially if you're not going to go to the parks from the day you arrive until the night you check out -- the length of stay passes (or whatever they're called--i'm not sure) let you have access to the parks every day you're there. Maybe you'd want to NOT go the parks the day you arrive, or the day you leave. If that's the case, it may be cheaper to buy park-hopper passes.


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