Family portrait??


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Oct 27, 2000
HI everyone,Is there anywhere in any of the parks where you can get a family portrait made? If so what about the cost? Thanks in advance, Mrsdash <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
I was planning on having a family picture taken when got back from disney (with our tans), but they took such nice pictures when we entered the parks that I am using one of them. Ak photographer took his time and we really liked them so I bought 2!!
We're planning on getting a "Mickey & Me Photo" at Downtown Disney :D I read about it on these boards (of course ;)). It's $35.00 a package (1-8x10, 2-5x7, a few wallets). You get your picture in front of a Castle backdrop, and Mickey can be in the picture with you :eek:
There are photographers as soon as you enter all the parks who will take your photo in the a.m. - it's nice when everyone is smiling and raring to go - we bought the one from AK which shows the Tree of Life in the background. I think it was $12.95 for the first one and about $8 for an extra.

I belive we saw a place in EPCOT that you can actually have a family photo taken and they can superimpose a background or theme if you like. I am not sure of actual location or price
We had the whole family's picture taken with Mickey and Minnie at MGM on just a regular meet and greet, it came out really nice and we had it blown up suitable for framing (only $5.00 at Walmart)
Just a little frugal tip!! :)

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If you goto Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary they do a Portrait before you sit down to eat in front of a Big Plate with a Picture of Chef Mickey in front of it! I believe the Package cost 25.00 and I think we got 2 5x7's and 2 wallets and they gave you refrigerator picture holders(clear) for the wallet size pictures! It was a good deal! Also Donald's restaurantsarus did this too! (Animal Kingdom) But like the other's said also Every park you walk into there are Photographer's to take portraits if they don't grab you first grab them! You're not Obligated to buy them! Only if you like them! I believe the Ones they take in the parks when you enter are approx $9.00 each I truely don't remember but I know I'm not far off! Have fun

We did 2 family portraits while in WDW. We had a really cute one with Mickey and the kids at Mickey & Me. 1 5x7 4 wallets = 16.95 then one at Journey into your Imagination where they take the picture and then add you into the Disney animation scenes. 1 5x7 4 wallets 1 keychain 1 magnet = 21.95. This was much fun and the pictures are very nice. Next time we are doing the animation scenes in poster size for my kid's rooms!

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we got ours at "mickey land" - we did one with just the four of us and then two years later when my entire family went, we got one with everyone and then one with just the kids. you can pick the background and they'll layer it however you want. you also get discounts for multiple copies.

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Thanks everyone! I did'nt realize there where so many places to get a portrait. It's going to be easier than I thought. :D :D


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