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Oct 4, 2000
A friend of my sister just returned from WDW. She stated that a family opened the MK while they were there - as in this family is opening the MK today. My sister is taking her daughter for the first time and wants to know how to be that family. Any ideas on this? I know about the Grand Marshall stuff, but I hadn't heard of this before. Thanks for any info!!! ;)


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I'm not sure if this is what you are talking about, but we were at MK when it opened one morning and saw a family who opened the park. They were the first family waiting in line before the turnstyles opened. About 5 minutes before opening, they allowed that family to put their tickets thru and enter into the other side. Then they gave the kids each one of those candy wands that they sell in MK and told them that when they waved them and said the magic words, the park turnstiles would open. There was a little ceremony, the family got a certificate and pictures taken. They seem to have been chosen becasue they were a family with small kids who were front of the line at one of the ticket turnstiles.“

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They usually use the first family at the turnstiles with small children. I walked to EE with my 6yo DD from Contemporary and thought we might be first but a bus arrived right before we got there so we were about the 3rd family. The lesson I did learn was that they do the opening on both sides so all I would've had to do was go to the turnstile on the monorail side. :rolleyes: Oh well! Maybe next time!

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I have never heard of this before! Learn something new everyday. Maybe it will work to get my 8y.o. out of be for EE. ;)

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