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Jul 3, 2000
We may have an addition to our vacation. My mom and step-dad.

The way it stands now there are 5 of us going, Hubby, 8yo son, 10 yo sister and 20 mo daughter. I have the all star sports booked for april 28 through may 3. We are than going to spend 2 days with my grandparents in palm harbor.

Now I found out that if I check in a day later the prices go down. (why they dont adjust they days when your there I dont know) So I may hit grandpaent first and check in on the 30th.

My possible change is the addition of mom and step-dad. Can anyone suggest where to stay that that we will be a party of 7
Parties that large will probalby need either a home away from home or two rooms at any resort. Iwould ask your GP's to see if they can get the resorts with a FL resident discount. The 20 MO will be free so really you only have 6 persons. I know this isn't much help but maybe someone out there can give you some assistence. We never travel with a large group.Good Luck
You could book another room at the All Stars and request them near one another, even adjoining (next door). If that's beyond your budget, consider offsite. If you book a spacious 2-BR or 3-BR villa or rental home offsite, it could be as affordable as a room at the All Stars and it wouldn't matter whether they end up coming or not - the space would be there.

If you only want to stay onsite, your options for a group of 7 are very limited on a budget. Technically, you'd all fit in a Wilderness Cabin at FWC, if your littlest will sleep in a porta-crib. You could take double in the BR with the older kids in the bunk beds. Your Mom & Stepdad could take the double murphy bed in the LR. If everyone would be comfortable in double beds (All Stars has them too, not queen) and sharing just one bathroom, it could work. But it would be tight, IMHO. And transportation at the Cabins is less than ideal, not as good as it is for the preferred loop campsites or All Stars.

After 2 rooms at All Stars and the Cabins, prices for your group size onsite will soar. If you'd like to know more options, either onsite or off, just ask.
You can stay at the Holiday Inn Maingate East and a 2 room suite will accomodate 8 people. There is a link to the hotel at the top of the page. We're staying there in March. Good luck and have fun! :)


We had seven people in our trip in May and stayed at HIFS in a kidsuite. There was a trundle bed in the kids' room. There were four adults and three kids so one of the adults slept on the top bunk because the kids were under 5 and too young to sleep on the top. In our December trip, we were seven again, but this time 6 adults and 1 kid. We had three rooms at All-Stars and two of the rooms were connecting. We probably could have gone with just two rooms but 2 people are heavy snorers and no one wanted to share a room with them.

Hi! Just stayed in a FW cabin w/ my inlaws, my brother-in-law, husband and 2 year old. It worked for us, but only because we spent so little time in the cabin. The space was a bit cramped, but we managed. One note, the porta crib provided was a "pack and play," which did not work out for son exceeded the weight limit on it! He actually slept on the sofa, with a folding bed rail, and my hubby and I took the murphy bed. Space wise, you may be better off with two rooms at the All Stars.

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If you are taking kids this is a parents paradise. the pool is great!! the kid suite has bunkbeds w/trundle bed, a 25"tv/vcr unit, nintendo[you rent the game for the day]cd/cassette player,lego table, the master bedroom has king size bed,with a door!a 25"tv w/vcr,in the livingroom the sofa folds out,25"tv w/vcr,there is a rocking chair,game table,mircowave,refig.,and coffeepot[all stars doesn't] And you get FREE BREAKFAST,kids under 10 eat free at all meals w/ an adult meal.

For young kids TO young teens the HOLIDAY Inn Sunspree has great child programs!!! In case you want to Dine alone,take swim....



Another vote for HIFS. The two older kids can sleep in the bunkbeds, the baby in a crib (they supply a nice one), you and hubby in bedroom and the other two adults on the fold-out couch in the living room. Plenty of room! PLUS, the free breakfast buffet (which, IMHO, is very good) will save you tons of $$$$!

We really loved our stay there in September. We obviously like to save money, but not at the expense of our comfort. We felt HIFS was a GREAT value, plus a wonderful hotel.
to everyone for your suggestions. The HIFS looks great. I am thinking about switching to there even if my parents dont go. I love the idea of the extra room. I noticed yesterday that the week we are goin MK closes at 8 and epcot at 9 so we would be back in our rooms early and I would hate to be tripping over each other at All stars. I think if the parks were open till midnight like earlier in april all stars would be better because we wouldnt be sleeping much.

We are renting a mini van and driving down from NJ. Did you use their bus system to the parks or did you just take your own cars? Also does anyone know the cancellation policy.I am thinking about booking the HIFS today so I make sure I have it.

Thank You.
We loved the HIFS too! Great place, close to WDW and Sea World.

I would get two connecting rooms though. The rooms are spacious, but not THAT spacious (plus there's only one bathroom). Also, a car is a must IMHO. Their is a shuttle, but you have to go with their times (which may not always work with 7 different people). The free meals for kids is a great savings (plus breakfast for all adults).

If on-site, I'd check into the Wilderness Cabins too (I spoke with someone while at MK who just raved about them). Have fun!!!


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