Family Fun in May on the Wonder


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Jul 6, 2000
I Don't know if this has been posted before, but I was looking at the Disney site last night and it said that Family Fun Magazine would be hosting some activities on the 4 day cruises in May. Things like giving birthday parties, advice on how to be queen for a day( boy do I need that!) anyway, it looked like there would be some additional activities for the kids and so forth. There wasn't a ton of info, but I thought that I would post a note here about it. We are cruising May 19th so I'm looking forward to the additional fun. I love the magazine and look forward to reading it every month.
I WONDER why the Wonder gets all the neat things like this and the Magic doesn't? The main reason we cruise DCL and haven't tried other cruiselines is that I know we will get quality from DCL and I am not so sure with the other lines. I would love some realy neat things to be offered on the Magic because I could never do a 3 or 4 night- I am spoiled and would love to do more than 7 nights! Anyway- it would be really neat if they added some neat NEW activities like they are offering on the Wonder. JMO
Originally posted by callahanjulie10

I WONDER why the Wonder gets all the neat things like this and the Magic doesn't?

My guess is that it's because the 7-day cruises sell themselves. They need to use some creative marketing techniques to sell the 3-day and 4-day cruises, especially since they have twice as many cabins to sell of those than they do of the 7-day cruises.
I addition to Dave's comment - I would think that DCL must pay a 'fee' for these events like the one mentioned. It is probably cheaper for them to book these events on the shorter duration cruises.


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