Faith in OKW restored!!!!!!


Love the Lodge BABY!!!!!!
Feb 4, 2001
Well, I have to say that my first DVC stay was at OKW and we were not very impressed at all. We were in bldg 44 near the back and didnt like it. Well, we just got back from OKW for a quick weekend and loved it!!!we got a much better bldg (62) and were thrilled. And to think I wore out my redial tryng to get a room at BW or VWL. It has definitely moved up on my list even with BW and is only trailing my beloved VWL as a favorite in Orlando.
Agreed !

We were also in building 62, last Tues - Sat. Seemed newer, nicer, more conveniently located than our first stay last year in building 30-something. Can't wait to return !
garrett79... can you tell me why you didn't like building 44. I am curious because we are going for our 1st stay at OKW in May. I think I may have requested this area. Would this be the Turtle Pond area? What were your thoughts on the area? Thanks!
We have always stayed in the Old Turtle Pond Area (9 times), especially like buildings 41, 42, 43 because they are close to the Village Pool.
Last year they put us in Building 44, in the bottom corner with windows facing the road where the buses turned around. We had to move, the noise and headlights from the buses was unbelievable.
We usually stay in buildings 45 or 46 which face on the Trumbo Canal. We really like that area. A few weeks ago, we stayed in bldg. 44 for the first time and we HATED that building. We stayed at OKW many times and we've NEVER hated a building before. Our view was of the parking lot along Turtle Pond--and the bus noise was terrible. We'd never been bothered by bus noise before--but in this spot you hear them stopping and starting at the bus stop--and then hear them as they roar around the circle to go back up the road. Perhaps the further end of bldg 44 is better, but the end of 44 nearest to the road was NOT fun!! Personally, I would not recommend this building.
I had two problems with building 44. First, they were repainting and sandblasting the building so that was a nuisance to open the drapes and stare at someone on a ladder in front of your window. Second, the noise from the buses was absolutely unbearable. There is a cul de sac or turnaround for the buses literally 10 yards from the building. it was miserable. However, the Turtle Pond pool was nice and very quiet, thus its only saving grace. I much more enjoyed my stay this time. Good luck and try to avoid 44..
Re Building 62 for the first two posters. I sent you both PM's - and Im wondering - when did you put your request in for Building 62 or did you even "request it?" (ie did you just say "near HH) ??

Did you request recently before the trip or at the 7 mos or 11 mos window upon booking? Thanks!!
Ken, I booked at 7 months out and just requested to be near the HH about a week or two before I got there. We she said 62 i thought it was near the back and was not happy, then realized where it was and felt a bit sheepish :) Hope this answers your questions and fire away if it doesnt.
We usually request a building along Old Turtle Pond road near the bus stop. The only times that we had a problem was in the room by the bus turnaround in building 44. (We some how were in the same room - our only repeated room- on 2 different visits.) The other buildings in that area were all very quiet and comfortable. We like to be near the bus but not in the front of the resort. The village pool is close by as is the snack bar.
Thank you for all the great info regarding room info and bus noise! I guess I just need to steer clear of BLG 44 facing the bus stop.

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