FairyTale ?-Which # to Call on 5/8


<font color=green>WL VET
Aug 21, 1999
Okay, so it looks as thought the Fairy Tale Package will be available tomorrow (5/8) to the general public (non-DC members)
So which number do I call-CRO or WDTC??

I already have a 7 night package with UPH booked at WL Aug 13-20 with WDTC. So I assume that I would need to call them to make any changed to my reservation. But with CRO opening at 7am and WDTC not until 8am I dont want to be too late in booking (I am afraid they will sell out). Do you think CRO would be able to help me?


I wouldn't worry about the FTP "selling out"

I called 3 times the other day to DC for inquiries and to change my package around... I asked all 3 of the agents was there limited amounts of rooms for this package..

All of them said it is for all rooms / any category / booked before June 29th. If you are already holiding space - then the rooms can't sell out.



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