Fairy Godmother sitter recommendation


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Sep 13, 1999
Can someone recommend a specific sitter that they have felt comfortable with and that the children enjoyed?

Our kids will be 7,4 and 22 mos when we are at WDW.

The thought of hiring someone I've never met is a little nervewracking! I've made reservations for my wife & I at Victoria & Albert's and would like to have the peace of mind that I haven't left my kids with some wacko granny ;) (no flaming please--note the kidding smiley face)

Thanks for any input.
I was not comfortable with leaving my 2 young children with a complete stranger. I spoke to "Gertrude" of fairy godmothers, and she sounded very down-to-earth/stable, etc.HA! She described the person who would be coming to babysit--I think her name was "Pat"? She was very nice and it worked out fine. We used the babysitting twice and requested Pat for the next time.
For the first babysitting visit, I decided that if I didn't have a good feeling about her when she arrived, that I would just change my mind and decide "not to go out this evening" or something. You'll have to trust your own instincts on this.
Did you speak to "Gertrude" of Fairygodmothers? I will probably call her again if we need a babysitter for an evening. Hope you get some more responses!


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We have used All About Kids for 8 years.Check out their website at www.All-About-Kids.com. We discovered that Fairy godmothers has no insurance, but All About kids does- their sitters are also CPR certified, and they do background checks. Alice at All About Kids is a great sitter. Brings lots of things for the children do do!
I also was very nervous about leaving the kids with a sitter we didn't know. I emailed Marion at All About Kids all my questions and concerns and she emailed me back all the information I requested. I was also surprised to learn that some of the other sitter services are not insured, are not CPR trained and do not do police backround checks on their sitters. Is there anyway to check out this info besides asking??? I think that they could really just say they do backround checks and are insured but how would we really know???I know I am so suspicious.....it's a Mom thing :rolleyes:
We used Fairy Godmothers for about 5 1/2 hours on our visit in January. Our daughter was 19 months at the time and very clingy when I left the room. We had a wonderful sitter named Vera. She showed up with a bag of toys and immediately engaged my daughter who didn't even realize I left (I spied through the window). It was during the day and Vera even came with her own lunch (for some reason that impressed me). Anyway, I would highly recommend Fairy Godmothers. They do conduct background checks and their sitters are fingerprinted, as well as certified in CPR. Gertrude, the owner, is very nice, highly efficient and very strict with her sitters. I will not hesitate to use them again in the future.
I did a search on this topic one time and read some great stuff about Kinder Kare too. I believe this is who Disney uses. I would suggest doing a search using "child care" or "babysitters". Good Luck!

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On our last trip we used Barbara from Fairy Godmothers. We have requested her again this trip. I was nervous about leaving my children with a stranger and they were a little scared too. They were 5 and 3. But as soon as she came in, they got comfortable and couldn't wait for us to leave. Luckily, my parents were in the room right next door and decided not to go out that night. So they kept a good "eye" on Barbara. But she was wonderful. And the kids still talk about her. She was so much a part of the "Disney experience".


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