Fab Trip -4/14-4/17


Earning My Ears
Feb 22, 2001
Cast of Characters
Son - 10
Son - 8

Arrived in aft at offsite Ramada Resort. Let me get this out of the way right off the bat so I won't dwell on it. Horrid hotel. Old, dirty, no ammenities, horrible breakfast, etc., and I really an not picky. Anyway...

Had dinner res at Margaritaville. Had a great dinner. Good food, good margarita's and a great stilt walker that made a connected ballon hat for the 12 people at the table next to us. Very impressive.

Sunday - Up and out on the 8:25 shuttle. On Spiderman by 9:00. Could tell from info on these boards that there was a lot not working. Blank screens, etc. Decided we would come back another time. Hulk next. Me with 10 year old. 8 year not interested in roller coasters. Great, 10 year old LOVED it. Still no wait, so he goes back on with Dad. I take 8 year old to mostly empty Storm Force. Goes on by himself because though I love roller coasters abd all rides, my stomach hates things that spin and "tea cup rides" are not worth it to me. Storm Force in good location to take those kids who can't handle the Hulk. On to Dueling Dragons, no wait, we three do Ice while 8 year old hangs out in Baby Swap room, (conviently located right at loading point). 10 year old likes Ice but doesn't want to go again. Off to Flying Unicorn. Shortest ride in history, by fun. Dad does not go on. Though he historicaly has an iron stomach, apparently Hulk got to him.

Off to met Grandad/ma who didn't want to get up early. Call on walkie talkies and meet at JP. Do JP River with no wait. Fun, but not as good as Splash Mountain. Off to Toon Lagoon to finish the "water ride trio". Had to wait about 15 minutes for Dudley. Great drop at the end. Onto Barges. No wait. Laughed the whole way watching Dad get SOAKED. He always gets soaked. I never sit near him on water rides.

Got express for Posideon and ate lunch in "tree". Nice and cool and good food. Nice break. Posideon - technical difficulties in the first room. Actor had to start doing stand up routine(including singing all the states in alphabetical order, very impressive) untile wahtever was broken was fixed. Finally into second room. Good effects. Did Cat in the Hat and Carrosuessal on the way out. 2:00 and time for a rest at the hotel. All that before 2 pm. It was fabulous!!! We loved it all and were looking forward to Universal that evening..... More later.


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