Fab Trip #2


Earning My Ears
Feb 22, 2001
Cast of Characters

Me - Mom
Son 1 - 10
Son 2 -8

Came back to universal studios at 6pm. Very impressed with the theming. My husband and I both work in theater and were suprised at how well done the sets were. Especially NYC, (and we're from NY!) Amity was also very well done. On a hot day you really feel like you are in a seaside town. Saw Twister (short wait). Suprisingly good, though Bill Paxton is such a bore, the effects were good. On to King Kong. Disappointing I thought. Kind of boring, and it actually bothered my stomach a little. Jaws next. Fun. Quick stop at BTTF on the way to dinner. Great fun, but now my stomach is really unhappy. I love simulators, but my stomach can only take them for so long and this ride was about 1 minute too long, but worth it.

Time to head for 7:30 res at Pastamore and meet up with grandparents. Food was terrific. Great (cheap) kid's menu and real food for grownups. Back to universal for a ride on Hanna Barbera. Fun but not nearly as godd as BTTF. Seeing the other cars around you during the ride spoils the effects a little. Outside to take our place for the fireworks. We are by the lagoon a little past Mel's Drive-In. The main fireworks are behind us with auxillary spots in the lagoon right in front of us. I make the comment to my husband that I have never stood so close to where the explosions were going off. Well, after it is over and we meet up w/ the grandparents who were sitting on the grass behind us, we find out that my dad got hit in the forehead with a piece of the fireworks. He wasn't hurt, (a small scratch), but scary. End of long day, but excited for MIB tomorrow. More later.
Love your reports. I'm glad to hear a positive comment about Pastamore.


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