Expedia's Hotel Price Matcher To Be Discontinued


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Apr 8, 2000
In Expedia's corporate earnings conference call yesterday, it was announced that they will be discontinuing (no date given) Hotel Price Matcher.

For those of you hoping to get the Swan or Dolphin when bidding 5* on Expedia's HPM, those days are coming to an end. Probably makes no difference, though, as I'm not aware of anyone who was ever successful in bidding for a 5* in Orlando through Expedia's HPM.

Expedia also offers Flight Price Matcher and they said they plan to continue this service.
Looks like it is already discontinued. Been trying for a airport hotel for weeks, went there yesterday after I saw your post and its no longer on their site.

While Expedia has removed the Price Matcher logos from their website, there are links to both Hotel Price Matcher and Flight Price Matcher under Site Guide on the righthand side of the page, so they are still offering it.
bumping for all to see.

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