Ever kissed Mickey?


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Apr 19, 2000
We were at Toontown, in the judges tent, having pictures taken with Mickey at the end. My DD told Mickey he was my favorite character. Mickey took my hand and kissed it. It was so sweet. Then he signaled for me to kiss his nose. I did and there was a loud cartoon "pop" sound. We almost fell down laughing. I'm wondering who else has heard this? :D
When we were there back in 94, my oldest daughter was only 2 at the time, and terrified of all the characters. We took her and our son into Mickey's dressing room to see him. We were the last ones in the group that they let back, so when it was our turn, we were alone with Mickey. My son, who was 3, had no issues with the characters and talked his ears off! When it was Jeana's turn, she hung onto her Daddy for dear life. Mickey was nice enough not to push her and he and my DH had a nice conversation. As Jeana started to pay attention to what was going on, she relaxed. My DH leaned over and kissed Mickey on the nose. Mickey's nose twitched and that delighted her. Before we left, Mickey got a kiss on the nose from Jeana!

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We'll have to test that out in a few days here. Thanks for the tip! Mickey is just full of surprises. =)

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:D MoseysMom :D
We got the Kiss sounds from all the full costumed characters -- Goofy, Pluto, Chip, Dale, Donald, Minny, Mickey, Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet, Pooh, and Pinocchio. DD got kisses and kissed them. I got hand kisses from them (complete with sound) and I was in heaven!

That is so cool! I didn't know they all did it! :D

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I kissed Minnie when I was 25. I enjoyed every minute of it. My girlfriend took the picture and she didn't mind. It made my visit most memorable. :D

I love when Mickey kisses my hand. Yes we have heard the "POP" sound. My kids have loved the characters since they were very little, but my favorite time was when Max asked my 16 year old daughter out. It was so funny when Goofy and my husband put a stop to that!! I love all the character interaction. I think it makes Disney so much more special!!!
Way back in 83, when I was 19, I had seen King Louie and we shared a BIG hug. Later on, that same day, I was walking into Fantasy Land when who was walking out but King Louie. I assume it was the same person in the costume because he started to jump up and down and race towards me! I stood there laughing as he grabbed me in the HUGE hug...and the person inside the suit started to GROWL at me :eek: ! There was a man with his kids in the vicinity who started to laugh and said we better "be careful...there are kids around!". King Louie and I started to laugh hysterically. To this day, I wonder who was really inside that suit :D !

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