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Mar 7, 2001
My Kids want to go on the ET ride but they are only 5 & 6 and don't like heights. In the video it shows the bikes flying through the air. How real does this feel as i can see my kids going a very pale colour if they feel they are high in the air and only on a bike. Even worse i could see one of them falling off. What is the ride like can some let me know.

They are ok if they are strapped in , and they have been in the past on water rides and small kids roller coasters at other parks in the UK.But this one is a concern as they seem to not be held in by anything.

Are there any other rides that Kids with a fear of heights should avoid in any of the Orlando Parks.

Thanks Curtis
It's not really bikes flying. It's one giant car that glides from the ceiling...sort of like peter pan. I think it's 4 or 3 people to a row and you sit on a bicycle type seat with handle bars to each seat. In the front row you get a basket that ET will pop up in occasionally.

I don't like heights, very afraid of all sorts of rides...however, ET is one of my favs. Your kids will probably like it.

There is one spot in the very beginning that some times the cars take off a little bit fast at first...but that feeling quickly goes away. When I say fast...don't be confused with a roller coaster type ride which I will definitely not go on...more like enough to cause a little bit of wind in your hair.

I hope this helps.


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from what I have read there are also seats that are not like bike seats for the younger ones or those unable to sit in the bike sseats

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