ET and a wimpy 8 year old


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Jan 20, 2001
ET was closed for renovation during our trip last year. My 8 year old is somewhat timid when it comes to rides - hated Kongfrontation. Is ET okay for her? She loved the Funtastic world of Hanna Barberra, so its not the motion stuff. I have no idea what this ride is like.
ET is a great ride. Nothing huge jumps out at you although it is a little bit tense since you are trying to escape the people who are trying to catch ET. The action is below you, similar to Peter Pan but more like the Countdown to Extinction Ride at Animal Kingdom. My children have always loved this ride. It's a little rough as you come to quick stops and starts but all's well that ends well and ET is saved. The action is in animatronics around you though, not like Hanna Barbera where there is a screen.

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I took the WIMPIEST 8yo in tarnation, my son's friend, with us last year to USF and he LOVED ET!

..ran screaming out of T2, Kongfrontation, Twister, Alfred Hitchcock, though... :rolleyes:


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My almost 8 year old son loved T2, Kongfrontation and Twister...but refused to go on ET...too dark, he said. Go figure. :rolleyes:
ET is a lovely ride which is not at all scary. It is a bit dark in the queue area through the woods but that's all. My youngest son enjoyed it at age 3.

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I think we will give it a go....she already needs therapy after the Big Thunder Railroad episode last year anyway.... (JUST JOKING!)
My 3 and 6 year olds rode ET and are so petrified of it they will not get on it again. In my opinion the ride itself is a lot like Peter Pan at the Magic Kingdom. Although the ET storyline is a little scarier than Peter Pan. Anyway, my kids relate it to Peter Pan, too dark!
ET has to be my most favorite ride. I am 27 and will SHAMELESSLY admit that!! There is nothing scary about it... you get on a bike and fly (albiet not very high up) around a wonderful set... it is somewhat dark but doesn't have any scary parts... quite magical and ET says goodbye to you on the way out!
Well I am 37 and I have to admit I love ET also. My husband and kids wait outside, because the girls refuse to ride and someone has to stay with them.
Another ET lover here. It is in the dark, and at first you do have some cars coming after you, but once you get into the sky and away from the cars, it's not frightening at all IMHO :D



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