EPCOT flower festival - for kids ?


been there, done that, TRYING to go back
Feb 16, 2000
We'll be in WDW from May 23rd till May 31.
I think the Flower festival (or whatever it's called) is happening in EPCOT.

How exciting it for elementary school aged children ?

Any flower kids-stops for kids to explore ?

thanks :)
We went when my DD was 7 and she loved it. They have all kinds of flowered topiaries that look just like the characters. When we went back this year, she was very disappointed to see that they weren't a permanent feature of the park.

Also, don't forget the Kidscot stops in the World Showcase. We did this our last trip, and Epcot turned out to be our daughter's favorite place. On our last day, we were going to another "more exciting" park, but she insisted on going back to Epcot! Don't skip it, there is plenty for kids to see, do, and learn!
Do kids that age like concerts because if so that is when I saw Davey Jones, Gary Puckett, Jay from Jay and Americans..wonderful entertainment at the Pavillion at America.
We go every year during the Flower and Garden Festival (just works out that way), and each year they've had something special that appeals to children. This past May they had a hands-on area with farming techniques the kids could try, such as a leg-powered irrigation machine. It was like a stair-climber at the gym and the kids seemed to love it.

They also do some fun things with plant 'mazes', climbing areas, etc. And Mackey is right...the concerts (are they still called Flower Power?) are terrific!


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