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Aug 20, 1999
From what I have read on this board, the rates at HRH and Portofino using the Entertainment Book don't appear to be 50% off (isn't that what the coupon says?). Is this correct?
The coupon, I believe, reads "up to 50% off". I know some hotels only offer 20-30% off with the card, while others will set aside rooms at various price levels for the card on a given night. For example a hotel may choose to set aside 1 room at 50% off, 5 rooms at 35% off, and 10 rooms at 20% off. Remember the percentage is off rack rate, not necessarilly of the best rate.

To add to what I had said, it appears that rack rates for HRH during the summer range from $200-300 depending on dates and room type. I know people have gotten rates as low as $117 over the summer using the Entertainment Card, so it would appear that in some cases HRH is offering at LEAST 50% off. Of course I'm sure the rooms available at that rate were very limited.

I booked a pool view room at HRH for three nights at the end of June for $129.50 using my Entertainment Card. The first time I called HRH (before I found these boards), and asked the pool view room rate, I was told $229. Obviously, the savings is significant.
I just booked HRH for end of June this morning--we decided just on Sunday that since DH's vac time next year is iffy, we'd better try to do WDW and USF/IOA this year. Anyway, they were all sold out of the rooms at the Entertainment rate (which they told me was 50% off). They said they don't have any rooms at the Entertainment rate until sometime in July. But my work has a Universal Fan Club Card which has a 30% discount. So I got a pool view room for $160 a night, just a little more than 2 months out. They also told me that the regular rate is $229. I can't wait to try FOTL!

I just called this past Tuesday about HRH and got the $117 rate for August 6&7. Just asked for lowest rate available and was told about the Entertainment rate. This is a garden view.

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I was curious about this also. So when I called for Portofino reservations, I just asked for the rate for September for a standard room. I was told $320. I then said that I am an entertainment member and was told the rate would be $160. So I grabbed it at 50% off, of course!
We just booked HRH Entertainment rate for $117 Garden view in July....Can hardly wait..I've never been to IOA ;)

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Do you have to have the entertainment card when you call, or can you just purchase it before you go? Thanks!

You don't need the card when you call, just when you check in. Good luck! We got the $117.50 rate for the end of August doing the same thing.È
I was just about to run to my travel agent
at lunch to book for Portofino for $260/night
for a regular room. Then I checked your site
and couldn't believe what I was reading about
Entertainment rates.
It was even more amazing when I called and
actually was able to book for 5 days at $160 for
a regular room at Portofino! WOW!!! I can't wait!!! BTW, how are the rooms and pool at
Portofino? I see alot of raves and hurrays
for HRH but I did not see any postings of
late for Portofino.
Thanks all. Just booked three nights at the end of August for a HRH Pool View @ $129.50/night.


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