Entertainment Club Rate at HRH?


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Aug 17, 1999
I read on another board that you can get half off with the Entertainment Club card at the HRH. Are the number of discounts with the EC limited? Would I have any chance at getting this discount for November 24-28? (Saturday - Tuesday after Thanksgiving)

Thank! :)



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Hi Becka,
I think the rate is dependent on you when you check in. "All Access, Entertainment, AAA or whatever..."
Access to an upgrade is limited to when & who you check in with. I would suggest checking in as soon after 3:00 pm as possible. Just ask for an upgrade". That way the clerk has as much latitude as your ($friendlessness) will allow. Even if you check in late, and no upgrades are available, check back the next day after 3:00 pm (assuming you are staying more than one day), and the move for the remaining days may be well worth the hastle.
SeaCook ?

I made 'Entertainment' reservations at the HRH for 11/24 to 11/27 last week (Pool view - $129.50 before tax) and all types of rooms were still available at the discounted rate.

I'm looking forward to it - haven't been to Universal Studios in several years!

Have Fun!
Anyone try a $20 bribe.I know this works occasionally in LV.They wanted like $300
a night as opposed to this rate for club level, there's no way its worth this, was hoping they would offer something less if I try on arrival. I am dubious about the upgrade for free aalthough I have the Loews First card.Be curious how many people did or didn't get free upgrade??


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