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Earning My Ears
Mar 20, 2001
Hi guys,

How can I get info on the Entertainment Club card?
I'm very new to the board and I'm trying to plan a trip for the end of the year. Can you let me know? Thanks
Except they don't have 2002 yet and the 2001 card expires in September. It was useless to me because my trip is in December so I had to return it.

I'll wait and buy the 2002 sometime in September. I still made my HRH reservation though. I just have to show my card when I arrive.
Lauraquin, I noticed you're from NYC, like myself.
I had ordered my Entertainment card online,
and found out later that you can purchase
them in NYC. There's supposedly an Entertainment
office in midtown around Grand Central area.
You can call the 1-800 number listed
at www.entertainment.com to find out.
Keep in mind that many many organizations sell the Entertainment books as a fundraiser. Look into some of your local non-profit, or school type organizations in your area to see if they are selling the books. Especially if you're waiting for the 2002 book anyway...

Wouldn't it be great to help yourself to some great discounts...and help a needy organization too?!!

If they do have a book for your area..the book more than pays for itself within no time!...

CindyZ in CT, and Mom of 3!


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