Entertainment Book/Portofino Bay Question


Earning My Ears
Feb 28, 2001
Hello! We recently book our vacation to Universal for Memorial Day weekend and are staying at Portofino Bay. Soon after I read about a thing called the Entertainment Book. On their website it states that if you buy the book you can get 50% off the rate. Can someone tell me if this is true and if it is can I still apply it to my stay even though I already made the reservations. Thanks!

PS - Can you also tell me about any other discounts the Entertainment Book gives you at Universal Escape.
The Entertainment Rate is a significant amount off the rack rate (not sure if it's exactly 50%). I paid $232 for a Deluxe Pool View this past January, the rack rate was $300+. You should call to see if it's available for when you are going. Univeral Fan Club, Annual Pass and AAA discounts are sometimes available also.

The Entertainment Book also has coupons for free "Script Bucks" (similar to Disney Dollars) when you purchase passes.
We're staying at Portofino in September and at first I was quoted $320/night. Then I joined the entertainment club and the rate dropped to $160/night. AAA was a reduced rate, but not nearly as reduced as entertainment. The amount of the reduction may depend on the season that you go.

Hope this helps.
What happens if I already booked it with a travel agent? Is it too late to get any discounts when I arrive at the hotel? Are there any other things to do to get discounts throughout the parks?


I love these boards!!! They have been SO helpful. I think I am addicted to them now, lol.
If you want to book the better rate (especially entertainment) I would call direct and book it. Then you can cancel the one made through the travel agent. Depending on the travel agent they may be able to cancel the reservation for you on the phone (get the confirmation cancelation number) or you may have to call your travel agent and tell them to cancel the one they booked you. I did this to get the Fan Club rate which saved me 200 over 5 nights (couldn't get entertainment rate on a kids suite) and actually then had 3 rooms booked! The one booked by AAA they could cancel the other I had to tell the travel agent to cancel. If you wait you probably won't be able to get the discount rate. Hope this helps! You probably will have to put another 1 nights deposit down and get credit for the other (I did, but this will take a while to get applied to credit account), but still seemed worth it.
Call ASAP ask for entertainment or AAA discount and book it! You can get the memberships later.
I called on Sunday 3/4 and asked for an entertainment rate for December 17,18,19 and was told there weren't any entertainment rates available. Perhaps I will try it again until I (or they)get it right.


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